10 steps to easily declare your recordings

November 6 2018

Declaring your repertoire, the PlayRight Playlist, the online portal, it might sound quite complicated and unknown to many.

It is, however, important to take a minute and register your recordings online, because they generate rights (and therefore money)! To make it easier for you, we briefly outline the ten steps that are important when declaring your repertoire:

1. Log in to your   PlayRight Portal . Use your e-mail and password. 

2. Choose the type of recording of your artistic work

  • Music: classical or non-classical recording
  • Audiovisual: (non-musical artistic performance as actor in an audiovisual recording)
  •  Dubbing & postsynchronisation(voice recording, voice-over, etc.)
  • Music in audiovisual (artistic performance as a musician in an audiovisual recording)

3. Click on ‘Add declaration’.

A form will be opened and you will be able to add all relevant information.

4. Save your declaration

Once the information is completed, click “save” to confirm your declaration. It will be added to your repertoire.

@Musicians: if you have to declare an entire album, you can complete the information in the form a first time and than click on “save and copy“: this option allows you to copy / paste the data of your previous declaration, no need to re-write them again. The only field you have to complete with this option is the title. Once all the titles have been introduced, click on “validate“.

5. Any participations to declare in your portal?

Do not forget to check your online portal to see whether there are any participations to declare. These are recordings that PlayRight has added to your repertoire, based upon research, and have not yet been declared by you. It is important that you indicate these contributions yourself, before the deadline.

6. Musicians: Use the PlayRight playlist to declare your music recordings.

To calculate your rights on Belgian territory, PlayRight relies on the playlists of the Belgian radio stations and the Ultratop sales lists. You can find these playlists in your PlayRight portal through the menu PlayList, which allows you to declare your recordings easily and fast!

7. Respect the deadlines

Each year PlayRight sets a deadline to declare your repertoire. After declaring your recordings, we identify your performances on playlists in Belgium and abroad. This allows us to collect, process and distribute the rights that belong to you.

The next deadline is 31 December 2018 for:

  • music recordings broadcast, exploited and/or sold in 2015;
  • audiovisual recordings exploited and/or sold in 2011 and 2012. 

8. Attention: no declaration = no rights.

For the final distributon that will take place next year, PlayRight only takes into account those declarations that have been filed before the deadline (31 December 2018). If you submit your recordings after that deadline, they will not generate any rights for the reference years in question that will be distributed next years.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that they will not generate any rights for the subsequent reference years that have not yet been closed. Therefore, it remains important that you declare your recordings at any time via the   PlayRight Portal.

9. Keep an eye on our distribution calendar

Via the homepage of our website you can easily consult the distribution calendar per reference year. That way you know when distributions are being carried out, and you can indicate your repertoire in time.

10.  Contact your account manager for help. 

Do you still have any doubts or questions after reading this article? Don’t hesitate to contact your account manager. You can find his/her name as well as his/her contact details via the online portal.

Please note that the PlayRight offices will be closed from 21 December 2018 until 2 January 2019.

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