The PlayList menu for an audiovisual recording in my portal

What is it?

This “PlayList” menu allows each member to declare the recordings they participated in directly from playlists of every open reference year. This tool allows you to declare your artistic contributions more easily.

🇧🇪 In order to calculate your rights for audiovisual recordings in Belgium, PlayRight uses the following distribution parameters:

  • the duration of the work,
  • the time of broadcast,
  • and the market share of the channel.

These playlists of the reference years that are not yet closed are now available to members via the portal, listed by reference year.

How does it work ?

First select the type of audiovisual performance that you want to declare by clicking on the desired tab: Audiovisual, dubbing & post-synchronisation or Audiovisual in Music.

Based on the reference year, the title and/or the season in case of a series, you can:

  • Declare a recording directly by clicking on Declare. A new window opens, and you just have to complete the mandatory missing fields; such as your role, the name of your character and the recording year. Once all the required fields are completed, click on Validate. Your declaration is saved.
  • [ Only for series] :
    • Declare all or several episode of a serie for a specific season at once. To do this, you must click on “declare serie” a new window opens: you just have to fill in the missing mandatory fields and indicate the number of episodes you have participated in this season or click on “all episodes” in the form.  Then click on validate and your declaration will be saved.
    • You can also declare a single episode, this option is recommended if your series is also broadcast abroad.

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