The PlayList menu in the portalMusic

What is it ?

This « PlayList » menu allows each member to declare recordings they participated in directly, from playlists of open reference years. This tool allows you to declare your artistic contributions easily.

🇧🇪 In order to calculate your rights in Belgium for music recordings, PlayRight uses two distribution parameters; :

  • Radio playlists & their audience,
  • Ultratop sales figures.

These playlists are now available to members through the portal, listed by reference year. As data for classical music are slightly different, we make a distinction with the PlayLists from “classical music radios”, where a large majority of the recordings comes from classical music.

How does it work ?

Based on the reference year, and other search criteria (title track or element of the title track, name of the main artist, playlists Klara & Musiq3) you can :

  • Declare directly a recording by clicking on the Declare. A window opens and you just have to complete the required missing fields; such as your role, the instrument(s) you played, etc. Once all the required fields are completed, click on validate and your declaration is complete.
  • Declare several recordings at the same time. To do so, you can add several recording titles that occur on the playlist by clicking on select. The selected title(s) is/are indicated by the button Deselect and will be registered in your “selection” *.
*Memo : your selection is saved even if you log out from your portal. To clear your selection in a PlayList or to clear all your selections click on Clear the selection🗑️. To delete one recording from your selection, click on Deselect. 
  • In order to complete your declaration, click on the icon 💾Export your selection*, this will download a pre-filled excel declaration form. The required missing fields must be completed as well, such as your role, the instrument(s) your played, etc. If necessary, you can look up your download history 📥.
**Note :  If you select recordings  from “Playlists radios & Ultratop” AND “Playlists Klara & Musiq3” and 💾export your selection, your portal automatically creates two excel file templates to download, complete and upload through the related tabs (data for classical music are slightly different).
  • Once the excel form(s) is/are completed and saved, you need to upload the file(s) via the related tabs: menu « Repertoire », tab Music, there you can click on Upload declaration. Once you have clicked on choose file and selected your completed excel file, make sure that your document is displayed next to the box choose file / Browse before clicking on Upload : you have just declared several recordings at the same time.

Preferred main artist list

To save you some time when declaring your recordings, the PlayList menu displays by default the broadcasts of “Preferred main artists”: these are, in fact, the main artists with whom you already have a declaration in common and/or with whom you are therefore likely to have another recording.

The ratio corresponds to the probability that you have participated or not in the recording that appears in the list. The higher the ratio, the more likely it is that you have participated in that recording. If you have not yet declared a performance for an artist, you can add him or her as your “preferred main artists” by clicking on “add another main artist”. Finally, by clicking on “enable/disable”, the recordings of this main artist will be displayed or not.


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