Music 2016: Final distribution of rights mounts up to 6.7 million €

April 29 2020

PlayRight has just carried out the final distribution of rights coming from music recordings that were broadcast and exploited in Belgium in 2016. This final distribution, which took place earlier than anticipated, amounts to 6.7 million € and closes the distribution of neighbouring rights for the reference year 2016.

The distribution of neighbouring rights for music that was broadcast and/or exploited in Belgium in 2016 has now officially been closed. This distribution of 6.7 million € for musicians was originally planned for the end of May 2020, but PlayRight decided to advance it in order to give performers, who may urgently need it in light of the current circumstances (COVID-19), a boost. This final distribution follows a first distribution of 3,460,000€ that was paid out in November 2017. As a performer (or a representative of a performer), you now have six months to inform us of any doubts and questions and to submit any objections or complaints concerning this distribution.

The remunerations of these rights stem from the equitable remuneration, private copying and the lending right. These remunerations were collected as a compensation for music recordings that were broadcast and/or exploited Belgium in 2016.

First/final distribution: How does it work?

PlayRight always realises the distribution of your rights as a musician in two phases. For Music 2016, the society already carried out the first distribution of rights in November 2017. The deadline for the declaration of repertoires that may generate rights for the reference your 2016 was 31 December 2019.

This final distribution follows the first distribution of music rights 2016 and completes the payment of neighbouring rights for musicians for this reference year. The total amount of music rights 2016 generated in Belgium and distributed to musicians now equals 10.1 million €.

How are my rights calculated?

For every distribution of your rights as a musician on the Belgian territory, PlayRight matches the declared repertoires with:

  • The playlists of radio stations and the audience rates;
  • The Ultratop sales lists.

Radio stations whose playlists were taken into account in 2016:

When will the next distribution of my rights take place?

Every year, PlayRight draws up a distribution calendar which you can find via the following link:

The first upcoming distribution concerns audiovisual rights 2013 and is also a final distribution. Although this distribution was originally scheduled for July 2020, PlayRight will probably also advance this distribution to an earlier date.

Any questions?

Would you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager. His or her contact details can be found via your personal online portal.

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