PlayRight distributes 670.000€ of neighbouring rights collected from foreign territories

December 16 2015

PRINCIPLE – To manage its members’ foreign rights, PlayRight has closed bilateral agreements with similar collecting societies in various countries. Based on these agreements, PlayRight can collect rights in these countries. The list of countries for which PlayRight has an agreement can be consulted here.

When our members have stated in their affiliation contract that PlayRight may collect the rights from foreign territories than they better keep an eye on their mailbox or letter box.

CURRENT DISTRIBUTION – The current distribution contains rights from the following countries and for he following years:

  • Austria (via LSG): MU 2013
  • Austria (via VDFS): AV 2008-2013
  • Canada (via Artisti): MU 2013
  • Croatia (via Huzip): MU 2012
  • Denmark (via FILMEX): AV 2010
  • Denmark (via GRAMEX DK): MU 2010-2014
  • France (via Adami): AV 2003-2009, MU 2000-2013
  • France (via Spedidam): MU 2010-2014
  • Greece (via Erato): MU 2006-2009
  • Hungary (via EJI): MU 2012-2013
  • Ireland (via RAAP): MU 2010-2012
  • Latvia (via LAIPA): MU 2013-2014
  • Netherlands (via NORMA): AV 2011-2013, MU 2007-2014
  • Netherlands (via SENA): MU 1997-2015
  • Poland (via STOART): MU 2006-2013
  • Portugal (via GDA): MU 2010-2012
  • Slovenia (via IPF): MU 2010-2013
  • Spain (via AIE): MU 2006-2012
  • Sweden (via SAMI): MU 2004-2013
  • United Kingdom (via PPL): MU 2007-2014

By using the PlayRight portal our members can view in their online profile which countries are included in their contract. More information about how it works internationally can be found on our website in the section “international”.

If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to contact your account manager or send an email to

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