To manage its members’ foreign rights, PlayRight has closed bilateral agreements with similar collecting societies in various countries. Based on these agreements, PlayRight can collect rights in these countries and vice versa. In fact, a bilateral agreement entails that rights are exchanged between the two countries in question. (more…)

Collecting societies exchange information about the use of their respective repertoires in each country. This is usually done on the basis of playlists. On these lists, PlayRight will specify for which artists and recordings it claims rights . The rights are then calculated on the basis of the distribution rules operated by the sister company and paid to PlayRight. But as each society has its own distribution rules and methods, there are a lot of variations on this rule.

PlayRight has bilateral agreements with more than 40 sister companies around the world. The follow-up of international exchanges, as well as checking the quality and accuracy of amounts and data sent by these partners, are tasks that require a significant internal investment within the company. Like the other collecting societies, PlayRight will take a 5% fee from the amount of the international rights that were collected AFTER December the 1st, 2016 in order to distribute these rights to our members.

Your repertoire may also be protected by neighbouring rights abroad. If your recordings are broadcasted in other countries, the collecting societies in those countries will collect neighbouring rights on your behalf. They will do so regardless of whether you are affiliated to them or not. However, these rights do not automatically end up in your bank account.

You can instruct PlayRight to collect any rights you have earned abroad from the relevant sister companies and pass them on to you. Or you can join one or several foreign collecting societies directly.

You should do what is in your own best interest. Always bear in mind however that each society has its own set of distribution rules and its own databases. If you work with several collecting societies you must also make sure that they all know your repertoire.

How? (more…)

By joining several collecting societies you run the risk of having your rights frozen if the territories the various societies cover overlap.

The countries you include in your affiliation contract with PlayRight should not be listed in an affiliation contract with another society that manages performing artists’ neighbouring rights and vice versa. If so, a conflict will arise as both societies are supposed to collect rights in the same territories. As a result, the payment of your neighbouring rights may be frozen. One society only is entitled to claim rights in any given territory.

When there is an overlap between territories, you will need to adjust your contract(s). Do bear in mind however that contractual adjustments do not necessarily take effect immediately and depend on the changes you wish to submit to your affiliation contract. More information about contract adjustments can be found here

As a PlayRight member, the recordings of your artistic performances will effectively start generating revenue once the following conditions have been met:

  • You are a PlayRight affiliated member with a mandate that allows us to manage your rights abroad,
  • You have declared your recordings,
  • The recording wasbroadcasted/commercialized in countries where PlayRight has a bilateral agreement,
  • The recording features on the parameter lists the foreign management company uses to calculate the royalties.

Click here for further details about related rights abroad.

You can always* adjust your affiliation contract with PlayRight to:

  • fit the territories for which you entitle us to collect your neighbouring rights (you can find the list of countries with whom we have a bilateral agreement here),
  • and/or adjust the “type” of repertoire you want PlayRight to manage.

First, log into your members portal to see the mandate you have given to PlayRight. Click on “Details” in the left column and then click the “Contract” tab.

The screen shows:

  • A list of your contracts in chronological order (from the most recent to the oldest)
  • The territories that currently covers your contract with PlayRight (Worldwide, Belgium, Belgium +, etc.).


If you are a citizen of a Member State of the European Union or of a country that has signed the various international treaties on related rights it makes no difference where your artistic performance was recorded. In that case, you will qualify as a right holder by virtue of your nationality.

All you need to do is to declare any recordings made abroad to PlayRight. You can state the place where the recording was made on your declaration form.

Apply for a refund with form 276R.

By law, PlayRight is obliged to withhold tax from any royalties it pays out. In turn, PlayRight passes on this withholding tax to the Belgian State. But if you are not a Belgian tax resident, chances are that your royalties will be taxed again when you declare them on your tax return in your own country of residence.

In situations like these, you can apply for a full or partial refund of the withholding tax you paid to the Belgian State through the form 276R. Within and outside of the EU, there are tax treaties in place that stipulate on what type of income countries are entitled to levy taxes or not. All the EU countries and also many non-EU countries have concluded such as treaty with Belgium. The texts of these treaties can be found on the website of the FPS Finance.

What should you do? (more…)

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