Becoming a PlayRight shareholder in 5 steps (and the advantages for you)

February 6 2019

Being a PlayRight shareholder. What does that mean exactly and, most of all, what’s in it for you? We straightened it out for you.

Becoming a shareholder of PlayRight is extremely easy, and only entails benefits. Whether you’ve got plenty of years of experience as a performing artist, or you’ve only just graduated (or maybe you’re still studying?), PlayRight exists for everybody. That is to say, as long as you are a performing artist (musician, actor, dancer, variety artist or circus artist) and you have contributed to one or more performance(s).

As a performing artist, you have the possibility to join PlayRight as a member. But it does not stop there. PlayRight is not only made for artists, but it also exists because of these same artists. When you are a member, you have the opportunity to become a shareholder.

Johan Van Assche, Kristine Van Pellicom, Luk De Koninck & Paul Michiels

Curious about what other shareholders say about this? PlayRight spoke with Johan Van Assche, Kristine Van Pellicom, Luk De Koninck and Paul Michiels, all members and shareholders of PlayRight for several years now.

Why did you decide to become a shareholder of PlayRight?

Johan: As a representative of De Acteursgilde (translation: The Actors’ Guild), I also want to represent actors during the General Assembly of PlayRight.

Kristine: Besides being a shareholder, I am also a member of the Board of Directors, as I wanted to discover from within how PlayRight works. I like following up all developments from up close. The functioning of PlayRight is now much more transparent, as opposed to before: you can look up or check with your account manager how much you have received, for which production, and via your personal portal you can check which of your recordings are known.

Luk: At the time of Uradex, everything was stuck. But suddenly, Uradex was turned over and a new management was installed. Not without any struggle, admittedly, but all went fairly quickly. I had accumulated some experience in the sector by then, and so I wanted to be part of it. As a shareholder, on the board.

What is the added value of being a shareholder for you?

Kristine: As a shareholder, I have an insight into how our rights are tracked, collected and distributed. Sometimes our rights as artists need to be contested, and that’s something PlayRight does as well. Doing so individually would be quite an unrealistic task.

At PlayRight, the artists themselves decide on their rights. Do you think you have enough decision-making rights?

Johan: Absolutely! Recently we voted on an amendment to the statutes.

Paul: I also have complete confidence in it.

Why should other artists also join as shareholders?

Kristine: PlayRight: that’s us, actors and musicians. As shareholders, we have the opportunity to co-manage and support PlayRight in its activities. On the other hand, as a shareholder, you can also give feedback when in doubt or when you have questions. In short, you are partly at the helm of the organization.

Luk: As an associate, you are allowed to co-decide during the General Assembly. Moreover, you can stand as a candidate to become a member of the board. But let’s be honest: when it gets too technical or juridical for me, I’m lost. So there are far better candidates than me who’d do a better job being part of the Board of Directors. Nevertheless, I always attend the New Year’s Drink and the General Assembly. Quid pro quo, I believe. You want to show: this is what I support, I am part of it, and together we take the lead. I could only approve of such an attitude. Make a promotional appeal, through e-mail, on the website, via Facebook… The more shareholders, the better. Become associate! 

Are there any other things that you would like to see changed as a shareholder?

Paul: Not that I could think of. PlayRight is doing a good job. Moreover, the reunions are always very pleasant, which makes it extra attractive for us. Congratulations!

Kristine: I would like us to continue aiming for a fair internet for all performing artists. Now more than ever, we (actors and musicians) need to get paid for our performances which can be watched and heard online. This uncertain life as an artist is under such pressure, while we are creating each year more high-quality series and films in Europe. That injustice must stop. We should be able to enjoy our successes, too. A correct distribution of the revenues could only benefit our entire sector. And since a fair regulation is not there yet, we have to continue sounding the alarm. PlayRight plays a pioneering role in this.

How could we make it even more attractive for artists to join us as associates?

Kristine: By emphasizing the battle that we are waging together. PlayRight and artists, we’re in the same boat. We aim for the same goals. To unite is, therefore, the best thing we could possibly do to make our voices heard: together we stand strong!

Paul: Perhaps by publishing the satisfaction of the current associates?

So in short, what are the benefits of being a PlayRight shareholder?

As a shareholder, you enjoy the same rights and services as regular members, but on top of that, you are allowed to play an active role in the decision-making process of PlayRight. As a shareholder, you receive the following advantages:

  • You are part of The General Assembly, during which you have the right to vote; 
  • You have the possibility to give your opinion on proposed amendments to the Statutes and the General Regulations;
  • You can appoint the administrators of the group to which you belong (Music or Dramatic Art and Dance, depending on your main artistic activity);
  • You can apply to become a director and to sit in the Administrative Board of PlayRight. 

And now for real: how do you become an associate? That’s easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Not a PlayRight member yet? Firstly, join as a member and sign the membership form, which you then send to If you are already affiliated, then you can skip this first step.
  2. Make sure whether you have yet participated in at least three recordings that generate neighbouring rights according to the law.
  3. Submit your application to become a shareholder through your online portal. Log in, go to “Details” (left column) and click on “Shareholder” (upper right).
  4. Pay the one-off share of 49.57€.
  5. Please do so before the deadline: 16 March 2019 so you’ll be allowed to come to the General Assembly in June 2019!

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