Memorandum of the performing artist (2019-2024)

In the run up to the elections in May 2019, PlayRight drafted a ‘Memorandum for the performing artist’.

Our culture is an important part of the society we live in, and musicians, dancers and actors are the performing artists that play a big role therein. In fact, culture and leisure creates connection between people, a very important factor within a country as divided as Belgium.

However, it is still very tough for performing artists to develop a sustainable professional career, despite the existence of a legal framework and the freedom to choose for a career as actor, musician or dancer. Although our performers generally resort to all the chances they get, it still appears to be very hard to obtain a full-fledged income out of their artistic activities.

PlayRight, therefore, created this memorandum, focusing on the performing artist as a cultural worker, with the emphasis on work. It’s about time that the debates and talks leave from the perspective of the working artist and make it their goal to support that work, rather than trying to alleviate the burdens of unemployed artists.

The 15 grounded recommendations of this memorandum focus on 3 important challenges regarding culture, employment, economy and internationalisation:

  • Income in accordance with labour
  • Right on (enforceable) neighbouring and copyrights
  • Artists know no boundaries (in Belgium and abroad)

You can find the full text of the memorandum on our website:


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