Music 2015: first distribution of 2.4 million euros of neighbouring rights

November 25 2016

PlayRight has just calculated the first distribution of neighbouring rights for music recordings for the reference year 2015. Specifically, this is the first distribution of equitable remuneration and lending rights collected in 2015. This is the first of two distributions, the final one scheduled for 2019.


PlayRight has just calculated the first distribution of neighbouring rights collected last year for musical recordings. This distribution includes both equitable remuneration and lending rights for the reference year 2015, for performing artists.  With this distribution PlayRight continues to distribute rights one year after they have been collected.

MUSIC 2015 ?

These rights are made up of equitable remuneration and lending rights. Musicians who already declared their recordings (broadcast in 2015) will normally receive a payment in this distribution.

With this first distribution, about one third of the rights collected for recordings broadcast in 2015 will be paid out.   In 2019, a final distribution for this reference year will follow in which all remaining rights will be paid. This way everyone who still needs to declare recordings for 2015 has the opportunity to do so (provided they declare their recordings before 31/12/2018).

The results of this calculation have been communicated either by email or post to our members. PlayRight’s account managers are ready to answer any specific questions regarding this distribution.

We have one last distribution planned for 2016: distribution of foreign rights. This distribution will take place in December.

Finally, members should check before 31/12/2016 if they still have music recordings (relevant to 2013) or audiovisual recording (relevant to 2010) to or to validate.  After the 31/12/2016 we are closing these reference years so make sure your repertoire is up to date. This can be done by accessing your online profile in the PlayRight Portal.

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