New face at PlayRight!

December 14 2022

PlayRight has welcomed a new face! In November, Nena Langloh joined our team. She will work as project manager in the Department of Communications and Cultural Affairs (PlayRight+).

Our collecting society is growing, but with that growth comes more work. This is why we welcome Nena Langloh to our team. She will support us on a 4/5th basis in creating and distributing the Flemish communication material in all possible ways, from newsletter to social media to the flyers at events. And who knows, you might run into her at such an event or at a workshop on neighbouring rights.

Apart from a background in communications, Nena also has one in journalism. When she is not working for PlayRight, she wears a different hat and works as a freelance journalist. When she takes a break from all that communicating and writing, she takes opera lessons and plays the piano. Other topics besides music and journalism that she is happy to discuss with you at any time: Brussels, (vegetarian) food and contemporary Japanese literature.

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