Your tax form 2020 is online!

April 19 2021

The annual tax declarations are coming up! To make the declarations, you will need the tax form 281.45 for the taxation year 2021 (incomes of 2020). 

PlayRight has just made this form available to you in your online portal. To download the form, log in and click on “Details” which you can find under the tab “Documents”. 

This fiscal form contains the amount of neighbouring rights distributed to you by PlayRight in 2020. In order to complete your 2021 tax declaration, you will have to fill in the amounts indicated in the form 281.45.

Careful! If another collective management society also distributed you copyrights and/or neighbouring rights, you must declare these in the same section. 

Please note that you can complete your electronic tax declaration until July 11th 2021 via Tax on web. If you choose the standard paper declaration, you have until June 28th 2021.


We created a short guide to help you with the declaration of your rights. This can be consulted by clicking on the following image:

  • You can also find this on our website via the following page:
  • Please note that since 2019, the Belgian tax administration no longer perceives your neighbouring rights as professional income, unless proven otherwise (learn more about this topic on this page).

Would you have any questions about this document, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager. For any other questions specific to your tax declaration, please contact SPF Finances directly, by calling 02/572.57.57.

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