A PlayRight prize for students

July 6 2016

Made by artists, for artists: PlayRight+ believes in the future generation of actors and musicians.  We recently made visits to both the Ghent Conservatory and  PXL Music (Hasselt), where prizes were given to young graduates.

Defending the day to day interests of over 11,000 artists, we are very grateful to those who choose music and acting as their future profession at a young age. Luckily for those who excel in their passion, a little help is possible. PlayRight+ offers all Belgian colleges and universities the opportunity to give a PlayRight+ prize to young music and acting graduates. Amounting to 500 euros, the prize is awarded to those who distinguished themselves during their education as a performer.

2016 sees two lucky winners of the PlayRight+ Prize. The jury of the Ghent Conservatory chose the pianist Gilles Vandecaveye. “A passionate researcher, who throughout his course in the Conservatory of Ghent and a semester at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory (Copenhagen), has always explored new opportunities and offers a music of a high artistic level. Gilles is a talented pianist, full of inspiration, with a music that is both original and sophisticated and we wish him to continue on the same path for years to come, both in Belgium and beyond. ” This summer you will see Gilles on stage with the jazz-trio Steiger. 

The jury for PXL Music has chosen the singer Frederik De Clercq. “Through his bachelor project, Frederik De Clercq proved to have a clear vision and a clear view of today’s musician. He was able to leave the beaten path to choose the least easy path, the one where the musician is in constant doubt and eternal research, with attention to detail and the beauty of music. ” This summer you can see on  him on stage with This is Hert and Be Irving.

The PlayRight+ prize is an initiative that is held every year. If you are interested, please contact us at plus@playright.be.


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