Deadline for your declarations: 12/31/2016

September 20 2016

Two final distributions in 2017 !

Next year, PlayRight will make two final distributions of neighbouring rights for:

  • Musical recordings broadcast in 2013
  • Audiovisual recordings broadcast in 2010

In concrete terms?

A final distribution is the last payment of rights for a specific reference year.  After this final distribution, there will be no more rights payments for that reference year.

A performing artist needs to provide, or validate, declarations for all recordings he/she participated in before being able to claim his/her rights for a specific reference year.  We aim to provide enough time for artists to make declarations, and so the deadline for a reference year is 3 years after the first distribution for the reference year in question.

DEADLINE 12/31/2016

In order to have the most accurate distribution results, PlayRight needs to receive all declarations relative to a reference year on time. In 2017, we will make two final distributions: musical recordings broadcast in 2013 and all audio-visual recordings broadcast in 2010.

All declarations relative to these reference years must be provided by the 31/12/2016 at the latest.  The calculation of rights will be based only on declarations made up until this date, as well as the complete castings on each recording. Any declarations made after this date will not be taken into account, meaning that they will not generate rights for these reference years.

There is always a deadline for your declarations, make sure to respect it. An overview of these deadlines is available in our website.


We recommend not to postpone declaring your recordings. Please note that PlayRight is closed during the festive period from the 23 rd. of December 2016 to the 2nd of January 2017.  This means PlayRight staff won’t be as available as usual to help during these date if you have any problem during your declaration process.

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