Johan Bex will be the new convener of the RAWG (Rights Administration Working Group) of SCAPR in 2017

September 15 2016

SCAPR is the international organisation that groups management companies of performing artists’ neighbouring rights. Its mission is, among others to agree on standards and best practices for the affiliated societies and improve the transparency and efficiency of collective management.

Affiliated to SCAPR since 2012, PlayRight is involved within this organization by participating in activities of several working groups, including a group that deals with administrative rights of management companies (RAWG).

The objective of this working group is to facilitate cooperation and exchange of rights between management companies in order to finalize a bilateral agreement. Over the years, the working group has made it possible to standardize trade practices and procedures while creating a workspace in which sister companies can exchange tools.

The election of Johan Bex, our Attaché for International Relations, within this working group confirms the international recognition of the positive development and credibility of PlayRight as a management company. It will enable many positive evolutions, a leitmotif that became a watchword at PlayRight International: to ensure that all performers receive their rights.

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