March 30 2023

Declaring your repertoire before the annual deadline is a guarantee to receive your rights! Every year, PlayRight draws up a distribution calendar of the neighbouring rights that will be paid to our performing artists who are a PlayRight member. But there is a deadline attached to it. Why would you wait? Declare your repertoire right now!

Why declaring your repertoire?

Only on the basis of your declared repertoire, PlayRight can identify your artistic performances and, consequently, calculate and pay out your neighbouring rights for a particular reference year. The more complete your repertoire is, the more rights you receive.

When declaring your repertoire?

Start now! If you declare your performances now, PlayRight will be able to start calculating and distributing your rights. Hence, you will receive a part of your rights during the first distribution of those rights for a given reference year. In addition, PlayRight will be able to claim your rights from our sister companies abroad faster. This applies to both audiovisual and music recordings.

Deadlines 2023

You have until 31 December 2023 to declare the following performances:

  • Your audiovisual performances for the reference years 2019;
  • Your music performances for the reference year 2020.

Take a look at the distribution calendar 2023 for a detailed overview of which rights will be paid out and when.

So, what are you waiting for? Start declaring now via your online portal! More info about the deadlines for declaring your performances via this link.

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