First distribution of 625,759.63€ for rights collected abroad

February 14 2023

PlayRight distributed 625,759.63€ today to our affiliate members for music and audiovisual recordings exploited abroad.

What are international rights?

An artist who joins PlayRight can give us a global mandate. Thanks to our bilateral agreements with sister organisations abroad, we obtain information about the use of your repertoire in more than 41 countries. This also allows us to claim your neighbouring rights internationally.

The distribution of rights collected abroad follows the distribution rules of the foreign management companies in question. PlayRight does carefully check the quality of their data and then takes care of forwarding the calculated amount to the artist.

The total amount of neighbouring rights collected abroad comes to 625,759.63€ for the first distribution of 2023.

What is this distribution based on?

A distribution of international rights is composed of several reference years, both for music and audiovisual recordings. That distribution includes the following territories and reference years:

PlayRight, like other foreign collective management companies, charges 5 per cent operational costs when transferring international rights.

The second distribution of duties collected abroad will follow in August 2023.

Be sure to check our 2023 distribution calendar to know when the next distributions of music and audiovisual rights will take place. You can also consult the deadlines for the declaration of your recordings via the calendar.

Any questions?

Do you still have questions about this distribution? Feel free to contact your account manager. You can find their details via your online file in the PlayRight portal, or you can send an email to


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