September 3 2021

PlayRight is an established name for collecting the neighbouring rights from performing artists in Belgium. But did you know that PlayRight also manages your rights internationally? In order to do so, we work together with more than 50 sister societies abroad! How do we proceed?

You already know that your recordings that are distributed in Belgium generate neighbouring rights. But also when your recordings are broadcast in other countries, PlayRight collects your rights generated in these countries, provided that you are a member of PlayRight. Regardless of whether you are a member in of the collecting society in those countries or not.


The general principle is that collecting societies in different countries exchange information about the use of their respective repertoires in each country. To manage our members’ foreign rights, PlayRight has secured bilateral agreements with many collecting societies all over the world. When a bilateral agreement is closed, rights between those two countries in question can be exchanged. This way, PlayRight can collect your rights in those countries, and vice versa.

The collection of your rights abroad is generally based on playlists.

PlayRight asks every sister society (and, hence, every country) all the data that we need to verify which artists (and members of PlayRight) and recordings broadcast abroad might generate rights. Consequently, we send a “claim” to the foreign collecting society for these rights.

Rights are calculated by the foreign collecting society, based on our claims. Each society has their own set of rules for calculating rights and those might differ from those of PlayRight. These international rights are then paid to PlayRight.

PlayRight handles the follow-up of international exchanges and checks the quality and accuracy of the data and amounts sent by the sister societies. Once we have verified all the data, PlayRight distributes the rights collected abroad to its affiliated artists.

PlayRight has currently closed bilateral agreements with more than 40 countries, in Europe but also far beyond!

With which countries? Find it out via the map below!

If you have given PlayRight a mandate to collect your rights abroad,you will find the details about the kind of rights and where they come from in your online portal, under the menu “RIGHTS”.

Our team works daily to expand these contracts and conclude new ones. As such, we want to guarantee that we can distribute as many rights from abroad as possible among our members.

Like the other collecting societies, PlayRight takes a 5% fee from the amount of the collected international rights before distributing these to our members.


  1. You are a member of PlayRight. Not a member yet? à https://playright.be/en/become-a-member/
  2. In your affiliation contract, you give PlayRight a mandate to also collect your foreign rights with our sister societies abroad and to transfer these rights to you.

Via the  PlayRight Portal you can check your online file to find out which countries are covered in your affiliation contract.

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