New record of rights collected abroad in 2019!

January 14 2020

€1.9 million, that is the record amount of rights collected abroad in 2019. Even breaking our record collection from 2018. This amount corresponds to rights collected by PlayRight for affiliated artists who have entrusted us with a worldwide mandate to manage their rights.

Art knows no boundaries, and neither do your rights!

PlayRight is responsible for collecting, managing and distributing your rights in the Belgian territory. Collective management, however, consists of more than that, as PlayRight works closely together with similar societies abroad to collect the rights of all our members.

Since your works are not only distributed in the Belgian territory, PlayRight takes care of collecting your rights in countries with whom  we have a bilateral agreement. This exchange allows you to collect your rights in all countries where your works are distributed and exploited.

This new record of rights collected abroad reflects the growing success of the Belgian repertoire abroad. Every single year, PlayRight is getting better at collecting these rights and we have now collected a record amount of 1.9 million of international rights for 2019. We are not planning on stopping there!

When will these rights be paid out?

Each year, PlayRight draws up an annual distribution calendar. In 2020, we will carry out two distributions of international rights, one in February and one in August.

Once paid, you can consult the details of these rights via your online portal: these provide more information about the nature of the rights (musical and/or audiovisual), their origin and, once PlayRight receives this information, the works associated with it.

«Does PlayRight collect my rights abroad?»

Do you want to know whether PlayRight also collects your rights abroad? It’s very easy: just go to your online portal, click on the menu « Data » and then on the tab that says « Contact». Do you want to entrust PlayRight with a global mandate to manage your repertoire? Contact your Account Manager (his or her contact details can be found on the left side of your portal).

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