Grant for the realisation of a short film 

September 27 2023

PlayRight is launching a second individual grant to support performers in the audiovisual sector! This new individual grant aims to support short film projects that pay their actors and the musicians on the soundtracks a fair wage. PlayRight will reimburse half of the production costs, up to a maximum of 1,500 euros for your short film project!

Who is eligible for this grant? 

To receive the grant, all lead actors in the short-film project must be members of PlayRight. 

What does this grant cover? 

50% of the costs incurred directly related to the production and shooting of the short film, up to a maximum of €1,500 excluding VAT

  • production 
  • post-production 
  • shooting
  • editing
  • remuneration of actors 
  • remuneration of soundtrack musicians 

Catering and promotional costs are not included. 

What are the conditions? 

  • The application must be submitted before shooting begins.  
  • The story must be original and shot under professional conditions.  
  • The short film project is directed by a professional director.
  • Performers are remunerated on the basis of an employment contract or an invoice drawn up by an independent party. The pay scales to be observed depend on the PC227.  
  • The message of the short film should not conflict with our values, such as the principle of non-discrimination based on gender, nationality, race, religion, language, etc. 
  • The PlayRight logo should appear at the beginning or at the end of the short film. 
  • The support of PlayRight will be mentioned in all communications and promotion of the short film by using “Supported by PlayRight” or #supportedbyplayright. 

What should the application contain? 

  • Scheduled recording date. 
  • Copy of script. 
  • A detailed budget with all costs excluding VAT, including third-party support or subsidies. 
  • Copy of employment contract offered to performers. 
  • Contact details and CVs of the director, lead actors, and any producers.  
  • A promotion plan. 

How will the application be assessed? 

We will assess the application based on the above criteria. PlayRight reserves the right to disregard certain costs and refuse applications if they do not meet the criteria or PlayRight‘s regulations. 

How is the grant paid? 

We reimburse: 

  • After checking supporting documents, excluding VAT, relating to the costs listed in your budget. 
  • Following the release of the short film. 
  • It will be paid to the party bearing the cost. 


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