Music 2016: advanced payment of your rights

April 21 2020

Our performing artists have been severely impacted by the cancellation of their artistic activities during the pandemic. The PlayRight team has, therefore, done everything in its power to adapt the payment calendar for the next months accordingly.

Each year, PlayRight adopts a calendar for the distribution of neighbouring rights. Given the significant financial pressure our member artists are facing caused by Covid-19, we will made an advanced payment of the music rights for the sound recordings broadcast and exploited in Belgium in 2016.

Initially scheduled for the end of May 2020, this distribution of rights will now take place already next week. Moreover, we are also thinking about our actors, and the PlayRight team will try to advance the distribution of their audiovisual rights that was initially planned for next July, as well. We will keep you informed about this.

Reminder: PlayRight+ is launching an emergency fund to support its member artists during the coronavirus pandemic. More info via:

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