PlayRight provides structural support to performing artists’ interest groups

March 24 2023

PlayRight+, the socio-cultural and educational branch of PlayRight, provides financial support to projects and organisations that bring a ‘plus’ to the community of performing artists. In particular, these four Belgian organisations can count on structural support from PlayRight+: De Muziekgilde, De Acteursgilde, FACIR and l’Union des Artistes. We would like to reiterate why we think it is so important to support these associations.  

You achieve more as a collective than as an individual. In the case of musicians and actors, it is especially important to stand up for your rights as a group. With that in mind, these four Belgian organisations dedicate themselves to defending the interests of performing artists: De Muziekgilde and De Acteursgilde on the Flemish side; FACIR and l’Union des Artistes on the French-speaking side.  

Because PlayRight wants to do everything possible to give performers what they are entitled to, structural cooperation with these four organisations is of great importance to us. Are you a musician or an actor? Then definitely consider joining one of those organisations. Here is a brief list of (for) who they are and what they do.  

De Muziekgilde: for Dutch-speaking musicians

De Muziekgilde, formerly GALM, was founded in 2007 as an association representing the interests of authors and performers in the music sector, including professional musicians from every genre. The association fights for a better social status for musicians, better working conditions in the music sector, fair remuneration for producing and performing musicians and for a legal embedding of accumulated rights.  

De Muziekgilde communicates these objectives on behalf of its members to governments, (cultural) policymakers, media, broadcasters, (music) publishers, organisations for the collective management of authors’ rights and neighbouring rights and all other actors in the Belgian music and audiovisual industry. De Muziekgilde has the same mission towards the general public.  

In doing so, De Muziekgilde not only aims to maintain its position as a valued partner in policy negotiations, but it also seeks to establish itself as the organisation par excellence that communicates directly and promptly about any developments in the musical-cultural field. This organisation is thus both an advocate and info hub for artists.  

Members of the association can attend crash courses, webinars and symposiums on four main themes: (1) work and performance, (2) money and legal matters, (3) health and welfare and (4) training in development.  

Join De Muziekgilde through this link.  

De Muziekgilde is committed to pursuing its goals every day, but that also requires investment in web space and site, communications, and so on. Thanks in part to the generous support of PlayRight+, De Muziekgilde can do that and give its affiliates the expected return.

De Acteursgilde: for Dutch-speaking actors  

De Acteursgilde is the Flemish interest group for professional Dutch-speaking actors. They focus primarily on the audiovisual sector, but they will also make their voice heard in the stage sector when necessary. The association is a discussion partner for producers, broadcasters, trade unions, and the government. When it comes to consultations on policy, subsidies, wage formation, neighbouring rights, taxation, the future of our media landscape… it is only through acting as a collective that members can make a difference.  

Members of De Acteursgilde can turn to them for questions on benefits, rights and obligations, contracts and more. If the information is more readily available elsewhere, they will tell you where to find it. 

Besides defending its members’ interests and advising its members, De Acteursgilde also values the importance of bringing its members together. At the annual “Night of the Actor”, De Acteursgilde invites you to a party for their members. That party typically starts with the General Assembly: members get an explanation of the association’s annual figures, as well as its operations and achievements of the past year. Information is exchanged, and sensitive or worrying topics are discussed in depth. Yet it remains a party: the perfect event to get to know faces or bump into old friends, but above all to have a blast while you’re there!  

Join De Acteursgilde via this link

FACIR: for French-speaking musicians  

FACIR (pronounced fakir) is the association for and by musicians of all genres who are from the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles. Since its creation in 2013, FACIR has acquired some 800 members. FACIR acts as a spokesperson for musicians towards cultural, subsidising and political organisations. Thus, FACIR is present at all discussion and negotiations. For example, the association is involved in the Chambre de Concertations Musiques and the Conseil Supérieur de la Culture.  

FACIR also co-founded the International Artist Organisation, which deals with authors’ rights and neighbouring rights at the European level, specifically the rights derived from streaming services. In addition, FACIR was closely involved in the reform of the artist statute at the federal level. Working alongside the Comité des Concertations des Métiers des Musiques Actuelles (CCMA), which unites press agents, bookers, managers, independent labels and festivals, it aims to unite the current music sector of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. In addition, FACIR also works with SCIVIAS to fight for greater representation of women and minority genders in the music world.  

Besides their involvement with various groups and discussions, FACIR offers its members training, legal assistance, help with administrative questions and personal support. They also organise small-group workshops on a regular basis, adapted to each member’s position. Rest assured that as a member of FACIR, you will be supported at every stage of your professional career.

Join FACIR via this link.   

PlayRight was one of the first structural supports that FACIR has been able to enjoy. It allowed us to develop and become an important part of artists’ advocacy. Without this trust, that would never have been possible.

L’Union des Artistes: for French-speaking artists from the music, film, audiovisual and stage sectors  

Belgian and French musicians, singers, dancers, technicians, directors, actors… from the music, film, audiovisual and stage sectors can join l’Union des Artistes du Spectacle. This is the oldest association of performing artists in our country: it was founded in 1927 with the main aim of defending the professional interests of French and Belgian artists in their respective countries.  

Today, the Union continues its social work with artists who, despite a life dedicated to art, sometimes find themselves in difficult situations. The Union strives to strengthen the solidarity ties between the many artists active on stage or screen. With that goal in mind, it carries out philanthropic and solidarity missions by helping its members financially, legally and morally, in defence of the artistic and technical personnel within the sector. 

L’Union des Artistes is recognised as a professional federation by the government of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, and they have been working to improve cultural policy in the area for the last 20 years. For example, the association provides financial support to older artists who often receive ludicrously small pensions after their retirement. Furthermore, the association regularly organises thematic courses or workshops for its members. It was also a founding member of UPACT (l’Union de Professionnel·les des Arts et de la Création – pôle Travailleur·euse, founded during the COVID crisis to defend artists’ rights) and campaigned for the federal reform of the artists’ statute.  

Become a member of l’Union des Artistes via this link.  

Thanks to the generous financial support of PlayRight+, l’Union des Artistes will be able to continue managing its growing membership, which has never been higher!


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