The General Assembly 2024: an overview

June 20 2024 Audiovisual Music

On Monday 17 June, PlayRight organised its annual General Assembly at the Beursschouwburg. All shareholders were invited to attend, to read the 2023 annual report, and to vote for the[…]

Audiovisual Rights 2019: final distribution of 2 million euros 

June 20 2024 Audiovisual PlayRight

PlayRight has just closed the distribution of audiovisual rights for the 2019 reference year! The total amount involved is € 2 045 253,71 of neighbouring rights coming from audiovisual recordings that[…]

Authors’ rights and neighbouring rights tax regime remains limited to artists only

May 21 2024 PlayRight

The Constitutional Court has confirmed that the tax benefits for authors’ rights and neighbouring rights only apply to artists, as originally intended. This decision overrules objections from the IT sector,[…]

Publication: Political memorandum of the performing artist 2024-2029

May 16 2024 Audiovisual Music PlayRight

2024 is the election year: we will vote in the European, federal, and regional elections on 9 June, then in the local elections on 13 October. As performing artists, these[…]

Music rights 2020: Final distribution of 7.45 million euros 

May 13 2024 Music PlayRight

PlayRight has just closed the distribution of music rights for the 2020 reference year! The total amount involved is €7,454,707.41 of neighbouring rights coming from music recordings that were broadcast[…]

Playlists 2023: start declaring your repertoire now!

May 2 2024 Audiovisual Music PlayRight

You can now declare your performances in music and audiovisual recordings for the reference 2023 via your online portal and save a lot of time!  Every year, we ask our[…]

Your tax form 281.45 available in your online portal (taxation year 2024) 

April 26 2024

The annual tax declarations are coming up and you will need your tax form 281.45 for the taxation year 2024 (incomes of 2023). PlayRight has just made this form available[…]

Call for applications: Become an administrator of PlayRight! 

April 19 2024 Audiovisual Music PlayRight

This year, we are looking for new administrators for four mandates within PlayRight. Do you want to help determine PlayRight’s strategy, or share your expertise as an artist for our[…]

Discover the 5 federations for performing artists supported by PlayRight in 2024-2025

April 11 2024 Audiovisual Music

Through its cultural action, PlayRight provides financial support to projects and federations that contribute to the development of the performing artists’ community. For 2024-2025, five Belgian federations will receive structural[…]

Deadlines 2024: music and audiovisual  

April 10 2024 Audiovisual Music PlayRight

Declaring your repertoire before the annual deadline ensures that you will receive your rights! Every year, PlayRight draws up a distribution calendar of the neighbouring rights that will be paid[…]


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