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PlayRight is the Belgian society for the collective management of neighbouring rights for performing artists.

Neighbouring rights? Performing artists?

Put simply: when (musician, actor, dancer, vaudeville or circus artist) takes part in the performance of a work, and if that performance is recorded and then broadcast or copied, the artist in question is entitled to a fee. In other words, the artist acquire a neighbouring right at the moment of the performance.

In Belgium and abroad?

PlayRight sees to the collection of neighbouring rights when recordings are broadcast or copied in Belgium and subsequently distributes these amongst the performing artists affiliated to PlayRight.

PlayRight has also made agreements with various sister companies across the world. Thanks to these agreements, PlayRight receives the neighbouring rights that arise from its members’ repertoire being disseminated in the countries in question.

Further information? (more…)

In Belgium there are various management companies that see to the management, collection and distribution of copyright and related rights.

  • PlayRight: related rights of performing artists
  • SIMIM/IMAGIA: related rights of music and video clip producers
  • SABAM: copyright of authors, composers and publishers.

So, in practice, you may need to join all three companies if you, as an artist, also compose and/or write texts, perform your own compositions and after all that, put your producer’s cap on and record these performances and see to their exploitation.

Aside from these three, there are numerous other management companies in Belgium, albeit for other categories of right holders, in sectors other than the music or audiovisual industries.

Joining PlayRight could be interesting if your answer to the following two questions is an affirmative one:

  • Am I a performing artist?
  • Are my artistic performances recorded?

Am I a “performing artist”?

The law has introduced a number of criteria to determine whether your performance is regarded as the achievement of a performer. The work must be eligible for copyright and it must be performed through: (more…)

The law has introduced a number of criteria to determine whether your performance is regarded as the achievement of a performer. The work must be eligible for copyright and it must be performed through

  • song
  • recital
  • declamation
  • staging
  • presentation
  • dance or
  • play

Whichever way you perform the work, your contribution will be deemed to be an artistic performance once it meets any one of the above criteria. (more…)

In Belgium, the incomes behind your neighbouring rights come from four remunerations:

  1. Equitable remuneration (for music),
  2. Private Copying (for music & audiovisual),
  3. Lending right (for music & audiovisual),
  4. Additional annual remuneration (for session musicians).

These remunerations are compensations to the fact that once recorded, the music and audiovisual works you have participated in as performer can be exploited without your consent. (more…)

Becoming a member is simple. Here’s what you should do:

  • Check if you are already a member of another collecting society under a “worldwide” contract: by joining several collecting societies you run the risk of having your rights frozen if the territories the various societies cover overlap. More information here),
  • Complete the membership form online,
  • Print the membership form,
  • Sign it and forward it to us by e-mail or by post.

It doesn’t cost anything to join PlayRight!

Good to know!

  • Both adult and underage artists can join. Minors do have to list the name of their guardian however and the guardian will have to sign their membership form.
  • At the time of joining, artists are also free to appoint a representative who ensures that their performances are declared or who will manage their file.

Artists can choose between two statuses:

  • Ordinary member/ affiliate: if you opt for this particular status, PlayRight will collect and pay the neighbouring rights ensuing from the use of your recording. This membership is free.
  • Shareholder: as a shareholder you receive the exact same service as an ordinary member but you can also play an active part in the decision-making process within PlayRight, for, as a shareholder, you form part of the General Assembly where you can make your voice heard. As a result, you can vote on any resolutions to amend the General Regulations and the Bylaws. You also have a say in the appointment of the directors of the group you form part of (Music or Dramatic Arts and Dance, depending on the main activity you have entered on your membership form).


Heirs of artists

Also heirs of artists can join PlayRight even if the artist in question was never affiliated to PlayRight. If he or she was a member of PlayRight however, you simply take over the deceased’s type of membership (ordinary member or shareholder).

Membership as an heir allows you to:

  • Collect the royalties generated by the repertoire of the deceased artist
  • Add recordings to the deceased’s repertoire that were never declared

If the deceased was a shareholder of PlayRight and left several heirs, the latter must appoint an authorised representative who can represent all the heirs collectively.

To join as an heir, all you need to do is to enclose a copy of the artist’s death certificate and of the notarial deed that lists you as heir with your membership form.

When you join, you can specify in which countries you want PlayRight to collect your related rights:

  • Worldwide
  • Worldwide minus a number of listed countries
  • Belgium plus a list of other countries
  • Belgium only

You will find a map of the countries where PlayRight has negotiated an agreement here. (more…)

Type of repertoire?

When you join PlayRight, you can specify for which “type” of repertoire you want PlayRight to manage your neighbouring rights:

  • MU: musical performances
  • AV: audiovisual performances

By opting for both types of repertoire you are assured that your contributions as a performing artist are covered each time neighbouring rights are distributed, whether you were involved in a musical or audiovisual recording. Especially musicians should opt for both types because, if at the time of joining you only asked us to manage your MU repertoire for instance and next you end up taking part in a television concert (an AV recording) we won’t be able to take your part in the concert into account when the neighbouring rights for AV recordings are distributed.

PlayRight has an online portal,  PlayRight portal,  that allows you to quickly and easily update and keep your file up to date. But what to do if you really dislike paperwork or if you are afraid of getting it wrong? In that case, you can always delegate these tasks to a representative.

How do you do that?

Simply by using the mandate form you find in your online file, complete it and return it to us. The person you listed on the form will become your representative.


  • Enter an end date on your mandate form. Many artists give their manager a power of attorney. You can set the expiry date of the power of attorney to coincide with the expiry date of your management agreement. By doing so, you will prevent your ex-manager from accessing your file at PlayRight once your contract with them has ended.
  • Do make sure however that both you and your representative have signed the mandate form, otherwise it will be invalid.

Want to know more about the powers of your representative: the payment of your rights, the communication and follow up of your file? (more…)

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