Audiovisual 2010/2012: PlayRight distributes the financial benefits

December 15 2020

Beginning 2020, PlayRight carried out the final distribution of neighbouring rights generated by audiovisual recordings broadcast in 2011 and/or 2012. Following this closing distribution, PlayRight can now distribute the financial benefits coming from these rights.

Between the moment of collection and the time of distribution, your rights are held in an account where they generate financial benefits.

The total amount of this distribution is 845.956,02€. 19.498 performers have received financial benefits generated by their audiovisual rights (for the reference years 2010 to 2012), of which 1984 PlayRight members (10,18%), and 17.514 artists affiliated with sister societies abroad (89,82%). 307.566,01€ (36%) of the total amount was transferred to international sister societies that claimed the rights for their affiliated members. 538.390,01€ (64% of these financial benefits was distributed directly to our affiliated performers.

How were these financial benefits calculated?

To calculate this sort of distribution, PlayRight relies on the amounts of rights attributed for the reference years concerned, calculating on a pro rata basis the financial income to which they correspond. This distribution consists of the financial benefits generated by your rights. The total amount of this distribution, 845.956,02 euros, is less compared to the distribution of the audiovisual rights. As a result, the proportionally distributed amount is also lower.

Please note that a withholding tax has to be transferred to the Belgian State for these financial benefits. PlayRight has, therefore, deducted a withholding tax of 30% as stipulated by law: this deduction corresponds to the negative amount shown in the table that lists the details of your rights. PlayRight has paid this amount directly to the Belgian state.

Keep an eye on our distribution calendar to stay tuned about the next distributions!

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