Audiovisual rights 2016: first distribution of 286.000€

October 16 2019

PlayRight has distributed a part of the audiovisual rights for the works that were broadcast in Belgium in 2016. The amount of this first distribution of rights of this “reference year” (broadcast year) is 286.000€, and will be supplemented by a final distribution at the moment of closure of these rights in 2021.

The remuneration for these rights comes from the private copying and the lending right collected for the audiovisual works that were broadcast and / or exploited in 2016 in Belgium.

First distribution/final distribution: how does it work?

PlayRight distributes your rights in two stages: a first distribution and a final distribution. Between these two distributions, PlayRight sets a deadline by which you can declare the performances that may generate rights for the reference year 2016.

This distribution is based on your declared repertoire as registered in our database. If you still have recordings to declare for this period, you have until the 31st of December 2021 to do so.

How are my rights calculated and, consequently, distributed?

For this distribution, the Board of Directors established a list of TV channels that are taken into account in the calculation in accordance with our General Regulations. These channels must be aimed at a Belgian audience.

Good to know: PlayRight relies on its providers to receive the playlists of the selected channels. Consequently, we do not always receive these data on time. This list of channels is, therefore, not definitive and will be adjusted during the final distribution.

A global amount of rights is allocated to each audiovisual work that appears in the playlists. This amount is determined based on the duration of the work, the time of broadcast and the market share of the channel. The total amount allocated to a work is then divided amongst the performing artists who have participated, depending on their role on that recording.


Music performances in an audiovisual recording might also generate neighbouring rights. In other words, a musician might also be entitled to audiovisual rights for the presence of his or her music in a work, provided that the music performance was produced specifically for the audiovisual work in question.


In case you’d have any questions regarding this distribution, please don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager. You can find his or her contact details via the left wing in your online portal.

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