PlayRight+ prize: Elise Bevers, Lauryn Turquin and Téo Crommen are the new PlayRight+ winners

October 17 2019

New PlayRight+ prices ceremonies Leuven and Brussels: Elise Bevers, Lauryn Turquin and Téo Crommen receive the PlayRight+ 2019 Prize at the Luca School of Arts (Campus Lemmens) and the Brussels Conservatoire.

Elise Bevers

Elise Bevers has finished her training at the LUCA school of Arts in Leuven two months ago. Clarinettist, she recently joined the Royal Music chapels of Defense

“How beautiful it is as a teacher to see the same student excel at an audition for an orchestra two months after a finishing brilliantly her Master. An audition where I happened to be invited as a jury member. Asif the circle closes.
Barely graduated and already accepted in the Music Chapels of Defense Highly exceptional!
Elise is a great person and I cannot say much about her talent and her clarinet playing; she already has everything to make it as a great clarinettist.
But what makes her a good performer is her energy, her taste for work and her discipline! To top it all, I would say she is always polite, friendly and has both feet on the ground!
I already told her; I’m going to miss her in my class!
This calibre is exceptional and, unfortunately, is rare. I wish Elise all the best and a beautiful musical career! ”

Lauryn Turquin

Just graduated from the Theatre section of the Brussels Conservatoire, Lauryn Turquin has been selected by the teachers of the master to receive the PlayRight+ prize this year.

The team of teachers who knew Lauryn during her training is not stingy with sweet words about her.

Lauryn is a talented young woman, very creative, suggestive and a great intelligence when it comes to the sense of the text. She also pays a lot of attention to the group and others. She is handy, organized, she makes accessories, costumes, participates in the construction of the set.
She is always keen and in a good mood.
An artist we’ll hear about, I’m sure!
And we are proud to have contributed to her fulfilment within the Conservatoire.

Hélène Theunissen
Téo Crommen – Photo © Roger Vantilt

Téo Crommen is the lucky winner chosen by the teachers of the Jazz section of the Brussels Conservatoire. Guitar player, Téo already has experience in the professional sector.

The guardian angel of the guitar watches over Teo Crommen. Born on November 27, like a certain Jimi Hendrix, he was born in atmospheres where music, friendship and good vibrations are almost part of everyday life. Whether at home, where regular visitors are called Stotzem or Froidebise, or during the trainings of Virton each year at the Easter holidays, he quickly shows his interest in guitar and is not yet 8 years old when Jacques Stotzem offers him his first instrument. From then on, he played it every day and brings it everywhere with him. In the meantime, he joins the Malmedy Academy in Eric Kisteman’s guitar class and regularly attended workshops, with teachers like Jacques Pirotton, Marc Lelangue, Sanseverino or Dick Annegarn! As much sensitive to acoustic music as to rock, he signs at the age of 13 years the brilliant first page of a promising journey by forming the group Green Moon, with his friends Lorcan Fahy on violin and Lucas Deru on double bass. Since September 2014, Téo has been studying jazz guitar at the Royal Conservatoire of Brussels, where he meets the drummer Guillaume Malempré and the bassist Matteo Mazzu. With them, he forms the modern jazz group Oakstreet Trio. Téo has succeeded, and it was not easy tocomplete with brio his five years of studies at the Brussels Conservatoire while facing an increasingly demanding musical career.

Coordinated by Manuel Hermia & Pirly Zurstrassen, the evening ended with the first student Jam session of the year.

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