Become a PlayRight shareholder and co-decide on your rights & revenues!

February 26 2021

Defending your rights as a performing artist is now more important than ever. By raising your voice, you, too, can make a difference and co-decide on your rights and revenues. How? By becoming a PlayRight shareholder!

Your neighbouring rights as a performing artist have been and still are often under threat. In today’s society, however, with everything going on around Covid-19 and the measures that followed, defending those rights is extra important. In this context, PlayRight plays an essential role in Belgium. As the collecting society for the neighbouring rights of performing artists, PlayRight collects, manages and distributes your rights, but we also defend your interests and, therefore, your revenues.

We are not doing so on our own. These same performers whom we dedicate ourselves to every single day, form at the same time the beating heart of our collecting society. PlayRight = FOR artists & BY artists.


Not only can you become a PlayRight member as performing artist, you can also become an shareholder, that is, if you are able to proof that you have contributed to at least three recordings that have been commercialised and/or broadcast.

More specifically, being an shareholder of PlayRight means that you, as an artist and member of PlayRight, unite with other member-artists. Together we make our collective voices heard and we set things in motion. Only this way we can fully defend your rights. Stronger together!


As a shareholder, you get the chance to play an active role within your collecting society. You are committed to defending your rights and you are at the helm of our organisation.

All advantages of being a PlayRight shareholder listed:

  • You play an active role within PlayRight by introducing ideas and making decisions yourself;
  • You can first-hand follow up on all the latest developments;
  • You gain a full insight into how rights are collected and distributed;
  • You are allowed to participate in the General Assembly;
  • You may appoint the directors of the group to which you belong (Music or Dramatic Art and Dance, depending on your main activity);
  • You have the opportunity to express your opinion and vote on proposed changes to the Statutes and the General Regulations.


To become a PlayRight shareholder, you only need to comply with the following two conditions:

  • You are a performing artist (musician, actor, dancer, variety or circus artist) and a member of PlayRight;
  • You have participated in the execution of at least three recordings that generate neighbouring rights according to the law. In other words: at least three of your recordings have been commercialised and/or broadcast.


Becoming a shareholder is easy and only takes a couple of minutes. Simply follow the following five steps:

  1. Not a PlayRight member yet? Firstly, join as a member and sign the membership contract, which you then send to If you are already affiliated, then you can skip this first step;
  2. Make sure to verify whether you have yet participated in at least three recordings that generate neighbouring rights according to the law (and declared these performances to PlayRight);
  3. Submit your application to become a shareholder through your online portal. Log in, go to “Details” (left column) and click on “Shareholder”(upper right);
  4. Once your Account Manager confirms that you meet the requirements, you will receive a communication that invites you to pay the one-off share of 49.57€;
  5. Please do so before the deadline: 20 march 2021 so you’ll be able join the General Assembly in June 2021!

That’s all, folks! So, hurry up and become a shareholder, make your voice heard and defend the neighbouring rights generated by your repertoire, together with us!

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