Federal boost for copyrights and neighbouring rights.

February 22 2021

Last week, the federal government confirmed that they are willing to release a 19.1 million envelope to compensate for the decline in copyrights and neighbouring rights.

The revenues from neighbouring rights mainly come from the remuneration paid by the organisers of events and the catering industry (bars, cafés, restaurants) to broadcast recorded music (equitable remuneration). The shutdown of all activities related to these sectors directly leads to a decrease in the revenues collected by PlayRight on behalf of its affiliated performers.

To partially compensate for this loss of copyrights and neigbouring rights, the federal government has therefore decided to help the artists. The implementation measures will be discussed next month.

And there is more good news: the concrete proposal concerning tariffs on another form of communication to the public of your repertoire through music played in the workplace at federal administrations has been approved. The delays in the formation of a government did not allow this issue to be solved, but the minister has now pledged come up with a solution this year.

In the meantime, PlayRight happily welcomes the decision of the Minister of Economy Pierre-Yves Dermagne. We will keep you informed of any future developments following this announcement.

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