Deadlines 2024: music and audiovisual  

April 10 2024

Declaring your repertoire before the annual deadline ensures that you will receive your rights! Every year, PlayRight draws up a distribution calendar of the neighbouring rights that will be paid out to member performing artists. However, there’s deadlines to be respected. 

Why do I have to declare my repertoire?  

PlayRight can only identify your artistic performances based on your declared repertoire. This is valuable information because it allows us to calculate and pay out your neighbouring rights for a specific reference year. The more complete your repertoire, the better. 

When should I declare my repertoire?  

Preferably as soon as possible. If you declare your performances now, PlayRight can already start calculating and distributing them. As a result, you will already receive part of your rights during the first distribution of those rights for a certain reference year. Moreover, this allows PlayRight to claim your rights faster from our sister companies abroad. This applies to both audiovisual and music recordings.  

Deadlines 2024  

You have until 31 December 2024 to declare the following performances: 

  • Your audiovisual performances for the reference years 2020-2021;  
  • Your musical performances for the reference year 2021;  
  • Your performances in RTBF (co)productions for the reference years 1996-2020;  
  • Your musical performances for the reference years 2019-2021 (annual supplementary remuneration).  

Check out the distribution calendar 2024 for an overview of which rights will be distributed this year. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start your declaration now via the online portal! More info on deadlines can be found here. 

Need help with your declaration? Then contact your account manager or send an e-mail to

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