The PlayRight+ emergency fund is extended until December!

November 9 2020

You’ve sure known for a long time that PlayRight has set up an emergency fund for its affiliated performing artists a few months ago. And that this emergency fund has been extended month after month, is nothing new. But now, PlayRight has decided to extend the emergency fund at least until the end of DECEMBER!
We remind you of the conditions that have to be met to apply for and benefit from this fund, and of the upcoming deadlines!

In March 2020, PlayRight established the PlayRight+ emergency fund, intended to support performing artists who have been heavily affected by the measures taken to fight against Covid-19. An enormous number of applications were submitted immediately, and in view of the situation, the emergency fund was therefore extended every single month. The difference this time? PlayRight has now decided to extend the emergency fund with two months, until the end of DECEMBER, as a result of the constantly changing negative developments and the new unexpected lockdown. This way, the fund aims to provide a partial compensation for the loss of your income, due to the cancellation of your activities as a performing artist in Belgium.

To apply and benefit from the emergency fund, you must meet all of the conditions mentioned below and send us the completed form (see link bellow):

  • You were affiliated with PlayRight (or have requested affiliation) on March 14th 2020 at the latest,
  • You have taken part in at least three recordings. These recordings must have been declared to PlayRight before you submit a request for support (to declare your recordings, log in to your online portal),
  • During the month for which you are requesting a support, one or more assignments as a performing artist in Belgium were cancelled due to COVID-19: recording projects (studio, short film, feature film, TV production, dubbing, post-synchronisation), concerts, theatre, dance – circus or variety shows. We ask you to provide proof of all cancellations,
  • Between March and December 2020, you are not bound to an employer by an employment contract covering at least the entire period in question, including civil servants, teachers, etc.,
  • For the month for which you request a support, you do not benefit from a replacement income provided by a public authority (a pension, a full unemployment benefit or a transition allowance for the self-employed), which exceeds:
    – 1.342,12€ gross/month for cohabitants with family responsibilities
    – 1.099,54€ gross/month for singles
    – 1.062,36€ gross/month for cohabitants without family responsibilities


You have until Sunday, December 13th at the latest to submit a request for your cancelled performances in November, and until Sunday, January 17th , 2021 for your cancelled performances in December. Only this way you’ll be able to benefit from the fund for cancellations of your performances which were to take place in Belgium in November and December 2020. Once your request has been submitted, it will be analysed by our team and we will contact you as soon as possible to request additional documents or information, if needed, or to inform you on the outcome of your application.

Aanvraag indienen (Dutch version)

Introduire une demande (French version)


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