PlayRight+ prize

PlayRight+ defends the day to day interests of the performing artists. Very grateful to those who choose music and acting as their future profession at a young age, a little help is possible for those who excel in their passion.

Each year PlayRight+ gives a prize amounting to 500 euros awarded to those who.  PlayRight+ offers all the opportunity to give a PlayRight+ prize to young music and acting graduates.

Every year PlayRight + awards a 500 euros prize to a student distinguished themselves during their education as a performing artist. As such, PlayRight + has a price to give for each Belgian colleges and universities who offers a Bachelor or Master level education.

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How to participate ?

The award is reserved for:

  • Students from Belgian colleges and universities accredited to offer degrees,
  • Bachelor or Master level education as a musician or actor,
  • Students who close their courses and validate their degree at the next proclamations.

Who takes care of the selection?

Full freedom is left to the school in choosing who will receive the PlayRight+ Award. Teachers know their students better than anyone and follow them throughout their course, it is up to the teachers team to select the winner of the award. The only criteria to be respected in this context: the selection must be based on the performances as a performing artist.

Last PlayRight+ prices winners:


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