Seminar: Authors’ and neighboring rights tax reform (Video and new date NL!)

August 31 2023 PlayRight

On June 28 and 29, PlayRight together with Sabam organized a seminar on the fiscal reform of authors’ and neighbouring rights. You can find the video recording of that seminar[…]

PlayRight recognized as Belgian arts federation

August 31 2023 PlayRight

This summer, PlayRight was officially recognized as an arts federation! We can now nominate candidates for the future Arts Committee, but more importantly, we are strengthening our position in the[…]

Final distribution 2023 of 466,533.35€ for rights collected abroad

August 10 2023 Audiovisual International Music PlayRight

PlayRight distributed 466,533.35€ today to our affiliate members for music and audiovisual recordings exploited abroad. What are international rights? An artist who joins PlayRight can give us a global mandate.[…]

View the pictures of our General Assembly 2023!

June 30 2023 Audiovisual Music PlayRight

Can you spot yourself in the pictures of our General Assembly?

These are the new board members of PlayRight!

June 30 2023

At PlayRight’s General Meeting on Monday, June 19, the attending shareholders were able to vote for candidate board members. We list all the changes for you and introduce you to[…]

Audiovisual rights 2017-2018: Final distribution of 3,685,500 euros

June 22 2023 Audiovisual PlayRight

PlayRight has just closed the distribution of audiovisual rights for the 2017-2018 reference years! The total amount involved is 3,685,499.65 € of neighbouring rights.

Apply for a grant to produce a music video or live session

June 15 2023 Music PlayRight+

PlayRight+ and Sabam for Culture recognize the tremendous growth of visual content in the music industry and are therefore joining forces to offer you a grant to record a music[…]

Annual supplementary remuneration music 2014-2018: 70,455.35 € distributed!

May 31 2023 Music PlayRight

PlayRight has distributed 70,455.35 € of rights to musicians affiliated to us. These rights come from the annual supplementary remuneration for music recordings published between 1963-1967 and which still generated[…]

Seminar: Authors’ and neighbouring rights tax reform

May 25 2023 Audiovisual Music

On Wednesday 28 June and Thursday 29 June, PlayRight and Sabam are organising a seminar on the tax reform of authors’ and neighbouring rights. That way you will be up[…]

18 projects received financial support from PlayRight+: €104,475 distributed!

May 25 2023 Audiovisual Music PlayRight+

The first round of support applications from PlayRight+ to music or audiovisual projects for 2023 is already completed! 18 projects received a combined support of €104,475.  Until 31 March, organisers[…]


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