June 22 2021

On Monday June 21st, 2021, PlayRight organized its annual General Assembly for artists-shareholders. The event was entirely digitally instead of live. Through three different sessions (two Particular General Assemblies and one normal General Assembly), our shareholders were given the opportunity to express their opinion, and to vote for the new directors. An overview of what has been discussed and decided.

As every year, PlayRight invited all its shareholders to the General Assembly of our collecting society. Entirely digitally this time due to the health crisis, we organized three different sessions: the Particular General Assembly group Dramatic Art & Dance, the Particular General Assembly group Music and the regular General Assembly.

During the event, the artists-shareholders first voted on their new directors within each college. Secondly, the direction presented the annual report and the annual accounts. The auditor presented his report. The annual accounts were approved and the new directors who were selected earlier during the Particular General Assemblies were appointed by the General Assembly.

Six new directors were appointed, three within the Music College and three within the Dramatic Art & Dance College, after prior appointment by the relevant colleges.


The sum of rights in 2020 (Equitable Remuneration specific to music, private copying and lending rights, rights collected abroad, additional annual remuneration and remuneration related to education and scientific research), is 19.8 million euros. Although slightly lower than the perceptions in 2019 (20 million euros), this amount remains seemingly stable,. The Equitable Remuneration collected in 2020 is, however, less important than it appears, due to the fact that Honebel and Outsourcing Partners continued to collect back payments for the years prior to 2020. As for the Private Copy, reserves were quickly released, which also gives an overestimated picture of the collections. and the consequences of the lockdown will also be felt over the following accounting year, that is, in 2021.

In terms of the distribution of rights, PlayRight paid nearly 16.3 million euros in rights to artists last year. Much less than in 2019 (nearly 25 million euros in rights paid). The reason for this is that PlayRight closed only one year of audiovisual rights, against two years the previous years, and did not distribute reserves as was done in 2019 (nearly 5.9 million euros reserves were then distributed to artists).

The year 2021 should be more prolific in terms of the distribution of rights, as evidenced by the distribution calendar that was drawn up this year:


During the Particular General Assembly of each group, the associates were invited to vote for the new members of the Board of Directors. This year, 6 out of the 16 existing mandates were to be filled.

Within the Music Drama, Alain Van Goethem was elected as Dutch-speaking director for a 4-year mandate, and Darya Gantura as Dutch-speaking director for a 1-year mandate. Nicole Roegiers was elected as French-speaking director for a 4-year mandate.

Within the Music College, Niels Boutsen was elected as Dutch-speaking director for a 4-year mandate. For the French-speaking side, Roland De Greef will be carrying out a mandate of 4 years and Jean-Luc Fonck a mandate of 1 year.

Congratulations to the new directors of the PlayRight Board of Directors! We hope to welcome you in person during our next General Assembly!

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