Better technology, better rights!

December 3 2018 - Audiovisual Music PlayRight

no matter how a work is being distributed, the revenues generated by this must be distributed equitably amongst all the rights holders, performing artists included.

The additional annual remuneration: what is it?

December 3 2018 - Music PlayRight

In 2011, Europe decided to extend the term of protection for music recordings from 50 to 70 years. Record labels thus enjoy an extra protection of 20 years, and as[…]

Distribution calendar: Overview of rights to be paid to artists in 2019

November 20 2018 - Audiovisual International Music PlayRight

The 2019 distribution calendar is ready: six distributions of rights collected on the Belgian territory and abroad will be carried out in 2019, among which two final distributions: February 2019:[…]

10 steps to easily declare your recordings

November 6 2018 - Audiovisual Music PlayRight

Declaring your repertoire, the PlayRight Playlist, the online portal, it might sound quite complicated and unknown to many. It is, however, important to take a minute and register your recordings[…]

PlayRight distributes 2.6 million € of neighbouring rights among musicians for 2017

October 18 2018 - Music PlayRight

PlayRight has carried out a first distribution for the neighbouring rights for music recordings concerning the reference year 2017. This distribution includes equitable remuneration, private copy and lending rights collected[…]

General Assembly 2019

October 16 2018 - Audiovisual Music PlayRight

Every third Monday of June, PlayRight invites all of its artists shareholders to their General Assembly. Would you like to attend the next PlayRight General Assembly? The event is an[…]

D6bels Music Awards 2019

October 10 2018 - Music Music PlayRight

With an impressive stage for the artists of The Federation Wallonia-Brussels, the fourth edition of the DMA’s sets the tone for the different musical genres with many different categories: “French[…]

Is the Belgian national employment office targeting performing artists?

October 8 2018 - Audiovisual Music PlayRight PlayRight+

As a performing artist chances are very high you will need to call on unemployment benefits at some point in your career. In order to gain access to these benefits[…]

The General Assembly

Audiovisual Music PlayRight

The general Assembly is the highest decision-making body within PlayRight. It is the assembly of the shareholders, which normally gathers annually on the third Monday of June.

A neighbouring right for streaming?

September 11 2018 - Audiovisual International Music PlayRight PlayRight+

On Monday 10th of September, the European Parliament will resume its activities. One of the points on its agenda during the first week is the much-debated Directive on Copyright in the[…]


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