Raising awareness on neighbouring rights

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The purposes of PlayRight+ are to inform the performers about their rights

Financial support to students: The PlayRight+ awards

Audiovisual Music PlayRight+

Very grateful to those who choose music and acting as their future profession at a young age, a little help is possible for those who excel in their passion.

Financial support to projects & organisations: The Commission PlayRight

Audiovisual Music PlayRight+

PlayRight+ offers funding to organisations and projects that put the interest of performers first. We call upon such organisations and projects to send in their applications for support . We have two deadlines per year for these applications: one on March 31th and the other on 30th of September.

For which type of repertoire PlayRight can manage my rights?

Audiovisual Music PlayRight

When youjoin PlayRightas a member, you can specify for which “type” of repertoire you want PlayRight to manage your neighbouring rights:

Become a PlayRight member

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In order to collect your neighbouring rights, you have to become a member of PlayRight (or a collective management company abroad in charge of collecting your rights ). PlayRight membership[…]

How to join PlayRight as a member?

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Becoming a member is simple. Complete and sign the online form. It doesn’t cost anything to join PlayRight.

Musicians: understand neighbouring rights

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When a performer takes part in the performance of a work, and if that performance is recorded and then broadcast or copied, the artist in question is entitled to a remuneration/fee.

Actors: understand neighbouring rights

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In Belgium, the incomes behind your neighbouring rights as an actor come from two remunerations

My PlayRight portal

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Via  this Portal, our members and their representatives have access to their online file. Anyone who is affiliated to PlayRight and registered an e-mail address at the time of joining is given access to his or her online file so that they can manage their file and:

Receive my neighbouring rights

Audiovisual Audiovisual International International Music Music PlayRight PlayRight

You can qualify for neighbouring rights in any of your artistic performances that have been recorded once they are exploited (broadcast, copied, made available to the public…). To receive your[…]


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