Musicians: understand neighbouring rights

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When a performer takes part in the performance of a work, and if that performance is recorded and then broadcast or copied, the artist in question is entitled to a remuneration/fee.

Actors: understand neighbouring rights

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In Belgium, the incomes behind your neighbouring rights as an actor come from two remunerations

My PlayRight portal

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Via  this Portal, our members and their representatives have access to their online file. Anyone who is affiliated to PlayRight and registered an e-mail address at the time of joining is given access to his or her online file so that they can manage their file and:

Receive my neighbouring rights

Audiovisual Audiovisual International International Music Music PlayRight PlayRight

You can qualify for neighbouring rights in any of your artistic performances that have been recorded once they are exploited (broadcast, copied, made available to the public…). To receive your[…]

Educational support from PlayRight+

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From a predominantly “physical” market and carriers for music and audiovisual work (CD, DVD, vinyl, etc.), internet has caused the broadcasting and exploitation of these works to shift towards the digital market. The regulations with regards to copyright and neighboring rights, however, have not followed.

Political support from PlayRight+

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PlayRight+ has done a lot of fieldwork and has followed up on the legal and political developments with regards to copyright and neighbouring rights in Belgium.


August 2 2018 - Audiovisual International Music PlayRight

Today PlayRight has distributed international neighbouring rights for music and audiovisual recordings among its affiliated artists. What are international rights? Any artists who affiliates himself with PlayRight, has the option[…]

On your marks… start declaring: the 2017 PlayList is online

July 9 2018 - Music Music PlayRight PlayRight

PlayRight hast just uploaded the PlayList for reference year 2017 to your portal. In order to calculate your rights in Belgium for music recordings, PlayRight uses two distribution parameters; playlists of Belgian[…]

PlayRight closes the distribution of music rights for 2014 at 7.2 million euros

May 23 2018 - Music PlayRight

PlayRight has just distributed all neighbouring rights for music recordings that were broadcast in Belgium in 2014. This distribution represents a total amount of 7.2 MILLION EUROS and permanently closes[…]

The 2018 distribution calendar is online!

January 25 2018 - Audiovisual International Music PlayRight

2018 deadlines: there are three references years for which you’ll have to declare your works before the 31th of December 2018: Audiovisual: declare your recordings for the references years 2011[…]


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