The « financial benefits»

As a PlayRight affiliated performer, you can view the details of rights you have received through your PlayRight Portal (in the “Rights” menu).

PlayRight distributes rights for a reference year in two stages. After the final distribution of rights for one or even several reference years, PlayRight then makes a distribution of the financial benefits generated by these rights.

Several years pass from the time PlayRight collects your rights to the time PlayRight distributes the final payments for those rights.

During these years, PlayRight places your rights, as the law requires, in non-speculative investments, without risk to the capital. Between the time your rights are collected and the final distribution, these rights generate financial benefits.These financial benefits are not rights and should not appear as such in your tax declaration, which is why they are not included in the tax form that PlayRight sends you every year.

How these financial benefits are calculated and distributed?

The banks in which the investments are made calculate these financial benefits and pay them to PlayRight on behalf of the performers it represents. The financial benefits received are then distributed proportionally by PlayRight, based on the amounts attributed to each performer for the reference year in question.

When banks retain a withholding tax on financial benefits collected on behalf of performers, PlayRight does not logically retain this withholding tax. However, for some years, the withholding tax deducted at source by the banks was repaid by the Belgian State to PlayRight. In this case, PlayRight must deduct a withholding tax on the payment of the financial benefits to the performers.

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