New final distribution of audiovisual rights 2013 of 3.045.876€!

June 9 2020

PlayRight has just carried out the final distribution of rights coming from audiovisual recordings broadcast and/or exploited in Belgium in 2013! This final distribution, which follows a first distribution and takes place earlier than originally anticipated, amounts to 3.045.876€ and closes the distribution of neighbouring rights for the reference year 2013.

The second and last distribution of audiovisual rights 2013 was originally planned for July 2020, but given the current circumstances (Covid-19) and the negative consequences of the pandemic for our affiliated artists, PlayRight decided to carry out the distribution earlier. This final distribution of 3.045.876€ of audiovisual rights for works that were broadcast/exploited in Belgium in 2013 follows a first distribution of 383.000€ that was paid out in 2017. As an artist (or representative of an artist), you now have six months to inform us of any doubts or questions you might have, or to file a complaint regarding this distribution.

The remunerations of these rights stem from the private copying and the lending right.

First/final distribution: how does it work? The distribution of your rights as an actor/actress are always carried out by PlayRight in two phases. For audiovisual 2013, the society already carried out the first distribution of neighbouring rights in 2017. The deadline of the repertoires that can generate rights for the reference year 2013 was December 31, 2019.

This final distribution follows a first distribution of audiovisual rights 2013 and completes the distribution of neighbouring rights for this reference year. The total amount of audiovisual rights in Belgium for the reference year 2013 is, hence, 3.5 million €.

How are my rights calculated?

To calculate your rights for audiovisual performances on Belgian territory, PlayRight relies on your repertoire and a couple of distribution parameters:

  • The playlists of the programmes intended for the Belgian public;
  • The audience shares of these programmes.

An amount of rights is allocated for each audiovisual work, according to its duration and audience rate. The overall amount allocated to the work is then divided among the performers, according to their role in the recording (A: lead role, B: Secondary role, C: Minor role).

For this distribution, the Board of Directors has established the list of TV channels that are taken into account in the calculation, as well as the minimum audience shares that each audiovisual programme must have. This is in accordance with our General Regulations. TV channels of which the programs are taken into account for this final distribution:

When does the next distribution of my (audiovisual) rights take place?

Every year, PlayRight draws up a distribution calendar which you can find via the following link:

The first upcoming distribution of audiovisual rights concerns the reference years 2017 & 2018 and will take place in September 2020.

Any questions?

Would you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager. His or her contact details can be found via your personal online portal.

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