Music 2019: A first anticipated distribution of rights of 1.5 million € for affiliated musicians of PlayRight

July 16 2020

Although the distribution was originally scheduled for October, the PlayRight team has made every effort to anticipate the distribution of these music rights to members who are directly affiliated with PlayRight. This first distribution of rights amounts to 1.5 million euros.

The distribution of neighbouring rights for music recordings that were broadcast and exploited in Belgium in 2019 has, thus, officially been launched. PlayRight anticipated this distribution to support the musicians affected by the measures taken in the fight against Covid-19. A second distribution, both for members of PlayRight and musicians represented by sister societies abroad, will take place in October 2020. Keep an eye on our distribution calendar!

The remunerations that lie at the basis of these rights arise from the equitable remuneration, private copying and the lending right, collected for music recordings that were broadcast and/or exploited in 2019.

Prior to this distribution, PlayRight has created a Playlist based on the playlists of the Belgian radio stations and the UltraTop sales lists of 2019.

You can also find this playlist in your online portal. It allows you to declare your performances in a fast and easy way, assuring you that your song(s) are indeed present in a playlist and, hence, generate rights. Know more about the playlist menu.

What if I have not declared anything (yet)?

No panic! This is only a first distribution. PlayRight always distributes in two phases, an initial distribution takes place in 2020 and will be followed by a final distribution in 2023.

Questions about this distribution?

Don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager, or send an e-mail to

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