Extension PlayRight + emergency fund, new Brussels and Flemish premiums and an adjustment of the unemployment regulation – An update.

July 20 2020

Since the precautionary measures taken to fight the pandemic will still be in effect this summer, PlayRight has decided to extend the possibility to request support from the PlayRight+ emergency fund during July and August.

Was/were one or more of your activities as a professional perfomer in Belgium cancelled due to COVID-19: recordings (studio, short film, feature film, TV production, dubbing, post-synchronisation), concerts, theatre performance, dance/circus or variety show? Then you can request support from the PlayRight+ emergency fund. The criteria and conditions that must be met, can be found at:  https://playright.be/en/emergency-fund-performers/

The principle remains unchanged: the fund wants to offer a partial compensation for the loss of income as a consequence of the cancellation of your activities as a professional performer in Belgium in July and August. Applications for the month of July are now open, and you have until 16 August 2020 to submit a request:


Through this application you can only request an intervention for cancelled jobs in July. Do not forget to indicate each cancelled job separately and add the necessary supporting documents for each.

Once the deadline for July has passed, from 17 August onwards, you will be able to submit a request for August, as well.

Musician? Do you already know the Belgian Music Fund?

PlayRight + is, together with Sabam for Culture, FACIR and GALM, the initiator of the recently launched Belgian Music Fund. This fund is fully dedicated to the Belgian music sector and aims to support it from creation and production to the promotion, exploitation and even export of Belgian music.

The Belgian Music Fund can count on the support of numerous companies and individuals with a heart for Belgian music. If you also want to make a donation, you can do so –> right here <– From € 40 your gift will be tax deductible even you’re not a Belgian resident.

The fund will launch a first call for projects in August, so keep an eye on the website www.belgianmusicfund.be.

Pay Performers want to know your opinion on your right to be compensated for online exploitations.

The corona pandemic has made it clear once again. Man (and woman) cannot live without culture. While theatres, cinemas and concert halls closed during the lockdown, musicians and actors remained present in everyone’s lives. Streaming companies like Netflix and Spotify saw their subscribers increase, but for the majority of the musicians and actors who had to watch at home how their industry was forgotten time and time again by every compensation measure, all those extra streams did not yield any additional revenue.

The corona pandemic thus painfully exposed a long-known problem. The current model on which internet-services of music and film run must change.

Through an anonymous survey, #PayPerformers, an initiative by advocates of musicians and actors from all over Europe, wants to know your opinion on your right to be compensated for the online exploitation of your performances. Be sure to participate!

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