March 8 2022

Do you want a say in your rights as a performing artist? It is possible! Participate in PlayRight’s annual General Assembly. The only condition? Being an shareholder.

Every year, on the third Monday of June, PlayRight organises the General Assembly. During this meeting, all PlayRight shareholders are invited to vote for their favourite candidates for the Board of Directors. In addition, they may also vote on the proposed amendments to the Statutes and the General Regulations.

 Generally, all PlayRight members are given the opportunity to have a say in their neighbouring rights as a performing artist. The only condition is that you are shareholder of PlayRight.

Why become a shareholder?

But what are the benefits of being a shareholder? A short overview of all the advantages. As shareholder:

  • you play an active role within PlayRight by introducing ideas and making decisions yourself;
  • you can first-hand follow all the latest developments;
  • you gain an insight into how rights are collected and distributed;
  • you are allowed to participate in the General Assembly;
  • you may appoint the directors of the group to which you belong (Music or Dramatic Art and Dance, depending on your main activity);
  • you have the opportunity to express your opinion and vote on proposed changes to the Statutes and the General Regulations;
  • you can apply to become a director yourself and sit in the PlayRight Board of Directors (during the next General Assembly).

Conditions to become a shareholder?

  1. Be a PlayRight member. Not a PlayRight member yet? Firstly, join as a member and sign the membership form, which you then send to affiliation@playright.be. If you are already affiliated, then you can skip this first step.
  2. Make sure to verify whether you have yet participated in at least three recordings that generate neighbouring rights according to the law.
  3. Submit your application to become a shareholder through your online portal. Log in, go to “Details” (left column) and click on “Shareholder”(upper right). 
  4. Once your Account Manager confirms that you meet the requirements, you will receive a communication to invite you to pay the one-off share of 49.57€.
  5. Please do so before the deadline: 19 March 2022 so you can come to the General Assembly on 20 June 2022!

Become a director?

Once you are a shareholder, you may also apply as a candidate to become a director of the PlayRight Board of Directors, the decision-making body of our collecting society. To do this, you must have the statute of self-employed (as a main or secondary occupation).

Participate in the General Assembly 2022

So, long story short, do you also want to have a say in your rights as a performing artist? Then go to your online portal and follow the steps described above. And we will see you at the General Assembly in June 2022!

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