Performances disseminated online: right to remuneration for the performing artists

March 18 2022

In October 2021, Belgian artists launched a petition (Dutch/French) demanding a fair and proportionate remuneration for the online use of their recorded performances. PlayRight repeatedly urged the Belgian government to seize this opportunity and implement real changes that should strengthen the rights of artists. And we succeeded.

The discussions have been going on since 2019, when Europe adopted the much-debated European Copyright Directive. In Belgium, the first phase of the transposition of this directive is officially taking shape through a draft law approved by the Council of Ministers on Friday, March 18, 2022. As a follow-up to the #18000EnEspagne / #Fairpayvoorartiesten campaign, PlayRight called, on behalf of the 19,000 artists that we represent, on the Belgian government to seize this opportunity and make real changes now, and thus strengthen the rights of the performing artists. How? By entrusting your collecting society with the task of negotiating these revenues with the digital platforms so that we can guarantee a fair and proportional remuneration to the performing artists.

It was up to the government to propose a “legal instrument” that should guarantee that performers are remunerated for the use of their recorded performances via online platforms. And we succeeded: in the preliminary draft of the law that was approved today by the Council of Ministers, a right to remuneration in collective management has been introduced. The text is now be submitted to the Economy Committee of the Federal Parliament. Meanwhile, PlayRight welcomes this positive development of the text with open arms. We will also take a closer look at the mechanisms that need to ensure that the performers will be paid for the use of their performances online. On behalf of our entire collecting society, we would like to sincerely thank all the artists and organisations that have worked to defend their rights, as well as the government that has finally listened to the performing artists. The battle is not yet won, as now Parliament must be convinced. To be continued…


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