December 14 2023 - Audiovisual PlayRight

 The additional distribution of exclusive rights for broadcasting on RTBF is completed! PlayRight has distributed a total of €577.403 in rights coming from RTBF (co-)productions broadcast on their television channels[…]

End of strike in Hollywood: SAG-AFTRA reaches agreement

November 28 2023 - Audiovisual International

The actors’ union SAG-AFTRA and the major audiovisual production companies reached an agreement on 8 November to put an end to the actors’ strike that had paralysed Hollywood for 4[…]

Pension reform : Progress for arts workers in Belgium

October 26 2023 - Audiovisual Music PlayRight

In the context of Working in the Arts, the federal government has undertaken a series of reforms aimed at improving the socio-economic situation of arts workers. This initiative is an[…]

Financial support to performing artists: grants

Audiovisual Music PlayRight+

At PlayRight, we believe it’s very important that performing artists realise their creative dreams. Therefore, in addition to financial support for projects or professional organisations that enhance the position of[…]

Audiovisual rights 2022: First distribution of 362.805,86 euros

October 19 2023 - Audiovisual PlayRight

PlayRight has just completed the first distribution of audiovisual rights for the 2022 reference year! The total amount involved is 362.805,86 € of neighbouring rights coming from private copying, lending[…]

PlayRight makes first distribution of cable rights for 1 million euros!

September 27 2023 - Audiovisual

PlayRight has distributed neighbouring rights coming from cable rights for the first time. The amount involved is €1,028,092.42 for the reference years 2015-2022. This distribution is not only a financial[…]

Grant for the realisation of a short film 

September 27 2023 - Audiovisual PlayRight+

PlayRight is launching a second individual grant to support performers in the audiovisual sector! This new individual grant aims to support short film projects that pay their actors and the[…]

PlayRight hosted an international summit on actors’ (neighbouring) rights 

September 26 2023 - Audiovisual International

On 5 and 6 September, PlayRight hosted a summit in Ghent in cooperation with SCAPR and AEPO-ARTIS. On the programme: the collective management of actors’ rights. 17 international collective management[…]

Final distribution 2023 of 466,533.35€ for rights collected abroad

August 10 2023 - Audiovisual International Music PlayRight

PlayRight distributed 466,533.35€ today to our affiliate members for music and audiovisual recordings exploited abroad. What are international rights? An artist who joins PlayRight can give us a global mandate.[…]

View the pictures of our General Assembly 2023!

June 30 2023 - Audiovisual Music PlayRight

Can you spot yourself in the pictures of our General Assembly?


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