Music 2016: advanced payment of your rights

April 21 2020 - Music PlayRight

Our performing artists have been severely impacted by the cancellation of their artistic activities during the pandemic. The PlayRight team has, therefore, done everything in its power to adapt the[…]

A PlayRight+ emergency fund for performers

April 9 2020 - Audiovisual Music PlayRight PlayRight+

PlayRight has taken action and created an emergency fund for performers who are facing significant financial pressure as we battle the Coronavirus. The purpose of this fund is to partially[…]

Call for applications: Join the PlayRight Board

April 6 2020 - Audiovisual Music PlayRight

The Board of Directors is the decision-making body of our management company which defines, among other things, the strategy of PlayRight. As such, the Board of Directors plays an essential[…]

#PlayLocal: support Belgian artists

March 26 2020 - Music PlayRight

In these times when social contact is reduced and social distancing has become the new rule, Belgian artists may need encouragement. By canceling concerts and festivals, delaying releases, no longer[…]

COVID-19 – Preventive measures

March 13 2020 - PlayRight

Given the latest official news and as a precaution, all PlayRight staff have taken all the necessary measures and will work mostly from home. We remain active and are available[…]

The Copyright Directive: the implementation process has started

March 2 2020 - Audiovisual International Music PlayRight

About a year ago we reported that Europe had finally approved the fiercely fought Copyright directive. Member States have until the 7th of June 2021 to transpose this directive into[…]

Programming: how do I declare my performances?

February 28 2020 - Music PlayRight

When you declare your repertoire as a musician through the online portal, PlayRight asks you to answer a series of mandatory questions. This information allows the society to collect and[…]

Why you, too, should become a PlayRight associate (and how to)

February 25 2020 - PlayRight

Would you like to play an active role within your collecting society and help decide on your rights and revenues? As a PlayRight associate you can! We concisely list all[…]

First distribution of international rights: 1.2 million € for PlayRight members

February 25 2020 - Audiovisual International Music PlayRight

PlayRight carried out the first distribution of neighbouring rights for music and audiovisual recordings today. We distributed no less than 1.2 million euros amongst our affiliated artists! Background information: what[…]

No declaration = no rights…

February 20 2020 - Audiovisual Music PlayRight

As artist, you have been a member of PlayRight and we thank you for entrusting us with the management of your repertoire and your neighbouring rights. Whether you are a[…]


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