Request the programme (Events supported by PlayRight+)

July 12 2022 PlayRight+

Thanks to PlayRight+’s last call for projects, many events have received financial support from us! We take the opportunity to provide an overview of the supported and upcoming events Festival[…]

PlayRight+ award for 2 students at the Conservatory of Ghent

July 11 2022 Audiovisual Music PlayRight+

After two years no live award show because of Covid, the face-to-face PlayRight+ awards are back! The PlayRight+ awards are a reward for graduating students to support emerging artists selected[…]

The General Assembly & the Debate about the artist status in video and photos

June 22 2022 Audiovisual Music PlayRight

On Monday, June 20th, PlayRight organised its annual General Assembly for its associated artists. The Assembly was followed by a debate on the legal status of the artist in the[…]


June 15 2022 Audiovisual PlayRight

 The audiovisual rights for the reference year 2016 have been closed. After a first and an additional distribution, PlayRight has now carried out the final distribution of rights arising from[…]

Online performances : finally a fair remuneration for performers

June 2 2022 PlayRight

[updated on June 16th 2022] Last March, PlayRight announced that performers would be guaranteed a remuneration for the use of their performances online. The law has been approved in Parliament[…]

Update on your “Cable Rights”

June 1 2022 Audiovisual Music PlayRight

Since 2015, performers have a right to remuneration for the cable retransmission of their performances on television. Since 2019, this rights also counts for performances that are broadcast via the[…]

Record amount of collected rights for artists in 2021!

May 30 2022 Audiovisual Music PlayRight

Despite it being an awful year for the event sector, 2021 was prolific in terms of collected remunerations! Indeed, a record year, because PlayRight collected more than 26 million euros![…]

Spot on – othe new legal status of the artist [06.20.2022]

May 30 2022 PlayRight

As a way of closing the General Assembly 2022, PlayRight invites artists and organisations from the sector to participate in a debate about the new legal status of the artist.[…]

Declare your performances before 30 June!

May 27 2022 Audiovisual Music PlayRight

The sooner you declare your performances, the sooner PlayRight will be able to calculate and pay out your rights! To calculate your rights, PlayRight must first know which music and/or[…]

PlayList 2021 online: declare now!

May 25 2022 Music PlayRight

PlayRight has just released the playlist for the reference year 2021. The PlayList menu allows you to save a considerable amount of time when declaring your music recordings via your online[…]


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