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November 17 2021

Over the past months, the PlayRight team has been working hard on an update to your online portal, in order to provide you with an even better service. We organised several workshops with member artists and our employees. The result is a completely renewed version of the PlayRight portal, online as of today!

What changes?

No structural changes were made to the portal and its organisation, but we did make a lot of improvements on various levels:

  • Once logged in, you land upon your dashboard page that displays the most important information about your account directly on the front page: declarations to be completed, the most recent distribution, the latest news and FAQs;
  • Looking up a declaration in your repertoire is now much easier (thanks to the extensive search functions);
  • The website content has been integrated into the portal, making it easier to navigate from one site to another;
  • The display is adjusted according to the device you use to sign in (mobile, desktop).

Declare, declare, declare!

Without a repertoire, PlayRight cannot calculate and distribute the rights you are entitled to. Declaring your performances is and stays, therefore, essential. That is why we have developed the declaration tool, available via your portal. Furthermore, PlayRight is working on putting already filled in declarations at your disposal, that you will only need to validate and/or partially complete. Hence, it remains essential that you declare your repertoire on time! We recommend that you log in and do so right away.


Finally, we would like to thank all artists who participated in the workshops on the portal.

Feel free to contact your Account Manager for more information or questions.

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