Financial support to performing artists: grants

Audiovisual Music PlayRight+

At PlayRight, we believe it’s very important that performing artists realise their creative dreams. Therefore, in addition to financial support for projects or professional organisations that enhance the position of[…]

Non-musical performance: How to declare?

Audiovisual Music PlayRight

As an artist, you may have played a role in an audio drama intended for broadcast on the radio or online. Know that these performances generate neighbouring rights. PlayRight has[…]

The Fonds Norma Joossens

Audiovisual PlayRight+

The Fonds Norma Joossens, established by the King Baudouin Foundation, has as its main objective to support actors/actresses and comedians who do not have the sufficient financial means to meet[…]

How do I report a casting error in a music recording?


Your neighbouring rights are calculated based on the value of the recordings in which you participated, the role you played in the recording as well as your contribution to this[…]

Financial support to the sector: The initiatives of PlayRight+

Audiovisual Music PlayRight PlayRight+

PlayRight+ currently also provides financial support to the sector via the following initiatives: Fund Belgian Music (Music) Fonds Norma Joossens (Audiovisual) Emergency Fund (Audiovisual & Music) FUND BELGIAN MUSIC The[…]

Emergency fund for performers

Audiovisual Music PlayRight+

As part of PlayRight+’s social actions, PlayRight created a system of aid for the loss of income of its members due to the health crisis. The emergency fund was established[…]

Which TV channels are included in the PlayRight Playlists?

Audiovisual PlayRight

In order to calculate your rights for audiovisual recordings in Belgium, PlayRight uses your repertoire and several distribution parameters: the duration of the work, the time of broadcast and the[…]

PlayRight international

International PlayRight

PlayRight collects, manage and distributes the Belgian rights generated by all performers repertoire, regardless of their place of residence and in accordance with the Rome Convention. Because the Belgian repertoire[…]

What is AEPO ARTIS ?

International PlayRight PlayRight+

AEPO-ARTIS is the association of European Performers’ Organisations. It defends the interests of its members and of the right holders these members represent at (European) political and policy-making level. It[…]

What is SCAPR?

International PlayRight

SCAPR is the international organisation that groups management companies of performing artists’ neighbouring rights. Its mission is, among others to agree on standards and best practices for the affiliated societies[…]


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