Adjust my affiliation contract

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You can always* adjust your affiliation contract with PlayRight to:

fit the territories for which you entitle us to collect your neighbouring rights (you can find the list of countries with whom we have a bilateral agreement here),
and/or adjust the “type” of repertoire you want PlayRight to manage

Resolve a contract conflict between PlayRight and another organisation

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By joining several collecting societies you run the risk of having your rights frozen if the territories the various societies cover overlap.

International exchanges

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Collecting societies exchange information about the use of their respective repertoires in each country. This is usually done on the basis of playlists. On these lists, PlayRight will specify for which artists and recordings it claims rights . The rights are then calculated on the basis of the distribution rules operated by the sister company and paid to PlayRight.

My repertoire is broadcast abroad

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Your repertoire may also be protected by neighbouring rights abroad. If your recordings are broadcasted in other countries, the collecting societies in those countries will collect neighbouring rights on your behalf. They will do so regardless of whether you are affiliated to them or not.

Countries where PlayRight can collect my rights abroad

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To manage its members’ foreign rights, PlayRight has closed bilateral agreements with similar collecting societies in more than 50 countries.

Deadline to declare my performances

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Rights for a given reference year are not paid out in one go but in two stages. To ensure that you receive as many as possible of the rights you are entitled to during the first distribution round, we would advise you to declare your recordings as soon as you can.

For which countries can I become a member?

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When you join, you can specify in which countries you want PlayRight to collect your neighbouring rights:

Become a PlayRight member

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In order to collect your neighbouring rights, you have to become a member of PlayRight (or a collective management company abroad in charge of collecting your rights ). PlayRight membership[…]

How to join PlayRight as a member?

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Becoming a member is simple. Complete and sign the online form. It doesn’t cost anything to join PlayRight.

My PlayRight portal

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Via  this Portal, our members and their representatives have access to their online file. Anyone who is affiliated to PlayRight and registered an e-mail address at the time of joining is given access to his or her online file so that they can manage their file and:


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