Adami & Spedidam : two in one?

October 20 2016 - Audiovisual International Music PlayRight

Adami and Spedidam are the two collective management organisations that are appointed by the French governement to collect and distribute neighbouring rights in and outside of France.   Adami and[…]

Johan Bex will be the new convener of the RAWG (Rights Administration Working Group) of SCAPR in 2017

September 15 2016 - International PlayRight

SCAPR is the international organisation that groups management companies of performing artists’ neighbouring rights. Its mission is, among others to agree on standards and best practices for the affiliated societies[…]


June 30 2016 - Audiovisual International Music PlayRight

In order to allow us to claim and collect our members’ rights in foreign territories: PlayRight has in place “bilateral agreements” with collecting societies in numerous countries. You can find[…]

PlayRight distributes 670.000€ of neighbouring rights collected from foreign territories

December 16 2015 - Audiovisual International Music PlayRight

PRINCIPLE – To manage its members’ foreign rights, PlayRight has closed bilateral agreements with similar collecting societies in various countries. Based on these agreements, PlayRight can collect rights in these[…]

The last distributions of 2015

November 25 2015 - Audiovisual International Music

Last week, PlayRight finalized the calculation of neighbouring rights for musical recordings for a number of reference years: For the reference year 2014: This was the first distribution for both[…]

The provisional distribution schedule for 2015 has been set

January 19 2015 - Audiovisual International Music PlayRight

PlayRight distributed around 30 million euros of neighboring rights to artists in 2014 (both nationally and internationally); we anticipate equally significant distributions for 2015. PlayRight distribution calendar 2015 May 2015[…]


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