Record amount of collected rights for artists in 2021!

May 30 2022

Despite it being an awful year for the event sector, 2021 was prolific in terms of collected remunerations! Indeed, a record year, because PlayRight collected more than 26 million euros! Good news for the performing artists to whom these remunerations will be paid out in the form of neighbouring rights.

PlayRight collects the equitable remuneration on behalf of musicians. Last year, PlayRight received more than 12 million euros destined for musicians. A stable figure that comes from the persons liable that need to pay this remuneration, which forms a financial compensation for the use of their music without having to request the artists’ authorisation to broadcast their music in a public place.

Also in 2021, government measures to fight the pandemic had an impact on several sectors liable for equitable remuneration: HORECA, events, discotheques, multi-purpose rooms and hairdressers saw a sharp fall in collections. These losses have been somewhat offset by the work of UNISONO, the payment of arrears from 2020 for radio stations and an expansion of collections, the most important example is the agreement to collect equitable remuneration for music played in the workplace in the federal government.

Another remuneration that forms the basis of rights of both musicians and actors: private copy. In 2021, the collected amount of money linked to this remuneration amounted to almost 6 million euros (2020: 6.2 million euros). This amount is intended for both musicians and actors. However, we notice a continuous drop in the amount concerning this remuneration which depends entirely on the physical market, as consumers prefer online resources over physical supports such as CDs and DVDs.

Regarding the lending right, the collected amounts follow the same logic. In 2021 this amount reached a total of almost 150,000 euros (against 176,000 euros the previous year).

Internationally, the Belgian repertoire is present, as well. In fact, PlayRight collected over 1.3 million euros of international rights. Finally, PlayRight received almost 155,0000 euros for the additional remuneration for session musicians from the labels.

Since 2020, PlayRight receives a part of the remuneration for education and scientific research. 2021 was not an exception: we received 77,000 euros.

To end, PlayRight received 6.5 million euros of exclusive rights that are distributed amongst the actors. So, in total PlayRight received almost 26 million euros in 2021! A record year for the collecting society!

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